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News:  Sept. 24, 2010
It's been literally forever since we've updated this site.  For some random reason today, I was on our site reading through some of our old posts, which I haven't done since they were written, when I realized hey, today is the 10 year anniversary of our website... crazy!  I mentioned the decade anniversary to Marc, and within a half hour, he emailed me a diary entry to post on the site.  So here we are, 10 years later! -Mario

News:  June 2, 2006
We get emails every day from people asking how to get our new Drowning Fish t-shirts, so here is the info! The shirts are $6 for regular t-shirts, and $9 for tight girly style shirts. That’s what we actually paid for the shirts, so we aren’t making any money on them. Yah, we’re nice like that. :) Shipping is $2 for the first shirt, and $1 for each additional shirt. So one shirt is $2 shipping, two shirts are $3 shipping... and so on. Mail CONCEALED cash (wrap it in paper so you can’t tell money is inside the envelope), check, or money order to:

Drowning Fish
P.O. Box 7034
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-7034

For faster service, and to make sure your money isn’t stolen before it gets to us, send your payment to us by Paypal! Send payment to:  paypal @

With all orders, make sure you tell us what you're buying. If you don’t, we might get confused and send you 8 of our $1 CDs instead!

T-shirt design:

  Nov. 21, 2005
Hey everyone, how’s it going?! It’s been a little while I guess... we’ve been busy with things on the side, but we’re finally playing shows again. And there’s been a change... I (Marc) have officially moved from drums to bass, and will be singing more songs. Catch our FIRST SHOW with our new line up at Hogue Barmichaels on Saturday, Dec 3 at 5:00PM. Write us for tickets! Get 5 of your friends to go, and we’ll give you a free ticket. Get 10 friends, and you’ll get a ticket AND our spankin new band shirt! What a deal!!!

$8 for a ticket
$10 for a ticket AND band shirt

  Sept. 25, 2005
You guys have asked and re-asked and re-re-asked for it, and we’re happy to say we finally have them. BAND SHIRTS!!! The design was approved and submitted on Friday, and we should have them in our hands by the second week of October. We’ll be posting info soon on how to pre-order… so stay tuned! -Marc

:  June 18, 2005
Happy Summer... make it fun!

  Feb. 12, 2005
We've posted our three new songs at

Get our three new songs plus our entire 15-song album "Memories Made, Times Forgotten" for just $1.  Buy it here!

:  Feb. 4, 2005
What up everyone!  Just want to let you all know that we have a MySpace site.  Check it out at and join the party! -Mario

  Jan. 25, 2005
Hey everyone, we finally have three new songs available for download at You can read the lyrics for those songs here. All three of the songs have been placed on some episodes of MTV's "Wanna Come In." Check out the schedule below and tune in dammit!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005 4pm (pacific time) - prod. i.d. #217 -
"The Breaking of My Heart"

Wednesday, February 2, 2005 4pm - prod. i.d. #216 -
"Requiem For An Undying Love"

TBA "The Long Goodbye"

:  Dec. 17, 2004
Hey everyone, what's crackalackin?!! How's the Christmas shopping coming along??? I've been living at the Mission Viejo Mall for the past two days now. Tomorrow I'll be going to South Coast Plaza. I like that mall so much around this time.

Well we have some pretty great news! A music supervisor from an MTV show got in touch with us and said he wants to use our new songs in future episodes!!! He already cut "The Breaking of My Heart" into an episode, and he's trying to get the vocal intro to "The Long Goodbye" in there too. We're totally excited! We'll let you know dates and all that good stuff when we get them.

As for sales of our new songs, we've been struggling to keep up with the demand for the CD. We're burning them and sending them off just as fast as we can! If you haven't yet gotten your copy, read the last news post for details on how to order.

That's it for now!!! Merry Christmas!!!!


  Nov. 21, 2004
The wait is over... it's finally here, and just in time for Christmas! Our brand new songs are finally available for your listening pleasures! :) For now, the only way to get your hands on them is to buy a CD. What we're doing is adding the 3 new songs to the "Memories Made, Times Forgotten" album (which already has 15 songs on it), so there are going to be a whopping 18 songs total... for your listening pleasures of course. That's over an hour of music! But wait, there's more! With your order, we'll write you a little personalized thank you note on the CD sleeve. And if you order within the next 5 minutes, we'll even include a handsome paper carrying case to protect your valuable purchase. Actually, even if you order after 5 minutes, we'll go ahead and throw that in anyway. What can I say... we care about our fans. :) So don't delay, order your copy now... here's how:

Send $5 cash (well concealed, like wrap it in paper. The postman is human too you know!!!) to:

Drowning Fish
P.O. Box 7034
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-7034

Please tell us it's for the "18 song CD." If you don't, we'll think you're trying to buy 5 of our $1 CDs, and we'll send you 5 of our $1 CDs... which don't include the brand spanking a** new songs. So to recap, $5 CONCEALED cash with a note saying “18 SONG CD.” Girls, feel free to throw in any old polaroid of yourself. Hell, feel free to throw in two! It won't get your order shipped out any faster, but it might get you a little hand-drawn smiley. Tempting I know.  -Marc

Sept. 21, 2004
Hey everyone!  Well it took us a lot longer than we expected, but we finally have our three new songs finished and in our hands.  We can't wait for you guys to hear them!!!  In the last news post, I mentioned that we'd be done on Aug. 27th.  Obviously that didn't happen.  What did happened was we needed a few extra hours, so went back on the 31st.  With our luck though, some studio equipment wasn't working right, so they sent us home and rescheduled us for Sept 15th... Marc's birthday.  It was a couple weeks away, but ended up making a great B-day gift.  Anyway, we're finally done and really happy with how the songs sound.  Stay tuned for news on how to get your hands on the new songs.  We'll keep you posted!  -Mario

:  August 19, 2004
Hey guys, what’s up?  Hope you're all doing good!  We'll have three new songs posted on the site by the end of the month. We were planning to finish up at the studio on the 11th, but of course things always take longer than we expect. We’re going back on the 27th, and we’ll hopefully be done then. We’ll let you know how it goes.  -Mario

:  July 31,2004
It's the end of July... my favorite month.  Actually this year, I liked June better, but anyway... We're going to have our three new songs posted on this site mid August.  We were in the studio the 21st and 23rd and have everything done except for mixing.  We're going back on August 11th to finish it all up... lets hope!

Our plan is to record more often and post them all on our site.  We have a ton of songs that we've always wanted to record but never have.  We're even thinking of recording acoustic versions of songs from our last CD.  That should be fun!  -Mario

  June 23, 2004
Hey guys... hope your summer is starting out great.  Make it the best you can because it's the only summer of 2004 you'll ever have. Turn off the TV, computer, and what ever else sucks time out of your life and enjoy this moment.  When you look back on your life so many years from now, you're not going to remember the times you spent on the couch or in front of your computer screen... it's the moments you spent with your friends and family you'll cherish most.  Make it your best life...

We should have three new songs posted on this site about the third week of July.  We were in the studio all day Friday and recorded the lead guitar and bass.  We also recorded vocals for "The Long Goodbye" and half of another song we yet have a name for.  For now we're calling that song "Down of Love" only because those are the first three words of the song.  We need a title.  -Mario
June 17, 2004
Hey everyone!  It's summer time again... and we're kicking it off with three new songs!  We were in the studio all day Tuesday laying down drum and guitar tracks.  On Friday we're going back to record some more.  We'd like to finish with everything on Friday, but we'll probably need one more day.  We'll be putting up the songs on the site as soon as we have them done.  You can check out the lyrics to our new songs on the Music page.  They are the last three songs on the page.  I'll let you guys know how much we get done on Friday. -Mario

May 19, 2004
Hey guys!  We just updated our Picture page with 34 new photos.  Most of them are from the High School Invasion Tour we did last year. -Mario

May 17, 2004
Hey everyone... we need more updates don't we?!  Is everyone ready summer?  Summer of '04... sounds like a good song title.  Well anyway I updated our Releases page with two new compilations we're on.  One put out by Broken Line Records which includes a track by Yellowcard and a bunch of other bands.  The second comp we're on is put out by Peephole Records and is a double CD which includes tracks by The Queers, Groovie Ghoulies, Teen Idols, The Norma Jeans, Moral Crux, Gatsbys American Dream and a bunch of others.

We're going to be recording three new songs very soon.  When we have them done, we'll be posting them on this site. -Mario

April 29, 2004
What's up guys?  Just wanted to let you know that we put up a high quality version of our "Lonely Hearts" video.  It's about 55 megabytes, so it kinda big, but hopefully worth the wait.  You can find it on our Music page.  Hope you like it! -Mario

April 12, 2004
Hey guys!  Any fans here from South America?  Lazypunk Records will be distributing our CD "Memories Made, Time Forgotten" in Colombia.  The CD will also include our song "Take Me Away" as a bonus track.  You can view the album cover of our Colombian released CD here. -Mario

April 11, 2004
HAPPY EASTER!!!  I hope the Easter Bunny brings you all that you asked for... or is that Santa's job???  I get them confused.  Anyway, we updated the lyrics to our newest song... which is still untitled.  During midnight Easter service I did try thinking of titles, but it was hard to come up with anything cuz I couldn't concentrate with the choir yapping in the background. ;)~  Anyway, we thought the song wasn't really all that it could be, so we added two new verses to it.  We stuck the new verses where the old 3rd and 4th verses were, and made those old verses 5th and 6th instead.  Get it???  Anyway, I hope you like it.  Read them here and let us know what you think!!! -Marc   

March 12, 2004
Well we have one more song to add to the collection.  We just came up with the tune last Tuesday, March 2, and have the lyrics pretty much done.  We just need two more lines for the second verse.  Also, we might end up adding two more verses, but that might make the song too long… so we’re still thinking about it.  This is one of the 3 or 4 songs we’ll be recording very soon, so stay tuned!  I hope you like it!!! -Marc

March 7, 2004
Hey everyone, what's going on??? Not much here... just listening to some Bright Eyes and writing. Well, it's been a little while since we last updated, but not much has been going on besides preparing to record the 3 or 4 songs we'll soon be recording. Lyrics to "The Breaking of My Heart" have been revised, so you might want to check them out. We added 8 lines to the ending chorus, and changed one of the verses. Let us know what you think! -Marc

Jan. 19, 2004
What's up guys?  I just added downloadable mp3's of all our songs to the music page.  We used to have our songs on, but now that they're gone I figure we might as well add them directly to our site.  The next thing I want to do is add a good quality version of our
"Lonely Hearts" music video.  For now you can stream it here. -Mario

Dec. 31, 2003
Well it's the last day of 2003 and I just wanted to write and say hi.  I hope this next year is great for everyone.  Thanks to our fans for all your support and for listening to our music! -Mario

Dec. 5, 2003
Hey guys!  How's your December coming along?  Things here are going good.  If you haven't heard, as of Dec. 2, is gone.  Damn, I really liked that site!  I always liked checking out new bands on there, and it was a great way to get our music out too.  Our songs have been downloaded 75,756 times!  But life goes on.  Since our songs aren't on anymore, I'll be uploading them to this site within the next few days. -Mario

: Nov. 24, 2003
I'm still working on getting the video up.  I'm really retarded at websites, but click here for now... CLICK ME -Marc

: Nov. 18, 2003
I went to Blink's "Dolla Bill" show at The Palace (Avalon) last night!  I was so excited cuz I wanted to go so bad and thought I wasn't going to be able to, but Brent, once again, came through with a ticket.  I was right up front and it was so awesome!!!  Thanks Brent-- I totally appreciate it.  You're the best!!!! -Marc

: Nov. 14, 2003
I GOT THE NEW BLINK 182 ALBUM!!!  I got it yesterday, a whole 5 days before it's officially released.  I'm listening to track 14 now... I love this song.  The album is a little sad, but I love it.  It's mostly different, but all good.  Anyway, just thought I'd write and try to make y'all just a little jealous. :) -Marc  

News: Nov. 11, 2003
Another diary entry has been added.  Read up or fall behind. -Marc  

: Nov. 9, 2003
Well I finally got around to posting the diary I wrote last week.  Read her and weep.  I'll be writing another diary and getting it up on the site hopefully by tomorrow.  And just to let you know, the video is almost ready for your eyes to feast on.  So stay tuned... -Marc 

: Oct. 13, 2003
Well the music video for "Lonely Hearts" has been shot, and now all we have to do is wait to get it. It may not be until Christmas or so, so it's gonna be a while. But when it comes in, you'll be the first to know! And yes, we'll be streaming it from the site for all you kiddos with the rich parents and high speed internet access. As for shows, we can't wait to get out there again and tear up the stage... and we will be soon enough. But right now, we're working on some behind-the-scenes stuff like writing, preparing for the studio, trying to get girlfriends... you know, important things. Anyway, I better get going... I'm only on the "C's," in my little black book. Alright, I can't lie-it's actually a phone book. But it can't hurt pretending. -Marc 

Oct. 1, 2003
y people, how ya doin???  Life is busier than hell right now, but I always have time for you… my little peoples.  We’re shooting our very first video this weekend!  Jason and Jaspre, two film students (not to mention really cool people) will be shooting it.  And then we have Ashley… “The Girl.”  Every video has to have one of those.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know about two additions to the site.  The first one is the lyrics to our latest song, “The Long Goodbye.”  It’s a song about long goodbyes.  Read it and let us know what you think.  We’ll be recording it very soon!  The second is a picture of my newest heartbreaker… Rachel Bilson.  You know… Summer from Fox’s “The OC.”  She’s pretty dang hot.  It’s probably the worst picture in the world of me, and if it weren’t for her being in it, I would have had it burned.  I actually thought about cropping myself out of it, but I knew some girls would cry, so I decided what the hell.  The sacrifices I make.  Anyway, that’s about it.  Until next time!!! -Marc

Sept. 10, 2003
Me again!  Yesterday was pretty crazy.  I went to a cast party that Fox's "The OC" was throwing, and that place was a freaking madhouse!  I got to meet almost the whole cast, including Josh Schwartz... the creator.  Everyone was really cool.  I didn't see any egos... well, maybe one.  The really coolest ones were Peter Gallagher (the dad), Adam Brody (the dad's son), and Rachel Bilson (the dad's son's future girl).... damn she's fiiiinnneee!  I actually liked Mischa Barton (the neighbor) before, but after seeing her yesterday, I realized she is too tall for me.  So I'm moving on. :)  She actually seemed very overwhelmed by all the people there.  She's one of the only ones I didn't get to talk to.  That's fine though, cuz I got my picture with Rachel, which I'll be putting up when I get it developed.  Hopefully I'm not drooling. ;)~  Anyway, I of course was there promoting Drowning Fish, and they all have a CD now!  I forgot the stickers though. :(  Oh well, next time I guess.

In other news, things are starting to look really good for the band, so stay tuned! -Marc

News: Sept. 1, 2003
Happy Labor Day folks!!!! I'm really not sure what labor day is even about-- whether it's meant to celebrate pregnant ladies in labor, kids that are part of sweatshop labor, minimum wage labor, or what! But whatever it means, any excuse for a day off is a good thing. We just got back from vacationing on the clear blue shores of Waikiki, Hawaii. It was our first time in Hawaii, and sooooo nice. We stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki, which is right on the beach. So in the morning, you just jump out of bed and straight into the water. Technically, you can try to do it from the balcony of your room, but I recommend taking the elevator down. 19 floors is a slightly higher jump than I recommend taking that early in the morning. Anyway, we got back late last night... the vacation is officially over. But we still have the memories... Well, I hope you're all having a nice day off from whatever it is you were supposed to do today. Heat the pool up, rip open that bag of potato chips, barbeque those hot dogs and hamburgers to perfection... and lets celebrate labor!!!! Alright! -Marc

News: August 25, 2003
Hey again! How was your weekend??? Mine was good- I went to Knott's Berry Farm on Friday, and Las Vegas on Saturday and Sunday. And now I'm back for you with some updates! Well, our video shoot has been postponed for a couple weeks. We did a practice shoot last weekend (the 16th and 17th) in Fullerton and at Newport Beach, which is where the real video will be shot. We have already gone through at least 2 girls for the part of "the girl." I'm not exactly sure why or what happened to the other two, but I'm hoping 3 times will be the charm. With Britney back in the studio and busy again, I'm not sure she'll be able to fill in incase anything does happen to... girl #3 (sorry, I'm really bad at names). Well, that's it for now I guess! -Marc
August 12, 2003
Hey there kids, how are you all doing???  I'm not sure if you heard, but we're shooting our VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO!!!  I'm really excited about it.  It's for the song "Lonely Hearts," and will be shot this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Orange County and Los Angeles.  It is being directed, created, produced, etc. by Justin and Jaspre, two really cool film students that heard and liked our music, and wanted to shoot a video for us.  We'll stream it from our site as soon as we get it, which will probably be a couple months.  In the meantime, we'll post behind-the-scenes pictures, and hopefully get some video up as well.  Anyway, that's it for now.  We'll be updating this section every few days from now on, so be sure to check back often! -Marc

August 1, 2003
Beach Party today!  We're playing around 4pm at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point.  

July 15, 2003
Hey everyone!  Hope all your summers are going great.  It's been a few weeks since we updated this site, so I just wanted to say hi and thanks for checking out our site.  -Mario

: June 20, 2003
We're the 2nd place winner in the 102.7 KIIS FM contest!!!  Huge thanks to everyone that voted for us and called in to request our song... you guys are awesome!  We were less than 400 votes from 1st place!  You can check out the Top 10 list here!

June 18, 2003
We've made it to the Top 10 in the 102.7 KIIS FM contest that the Rick Dees Morning Show is doing!  Thanks so much to everyone that voted for us and requested our song!  We're going to be on the Morning Show tomorrow for an interview and they'll be playing "Prom Night," so listen in sometime between 6:45 and 7:30am!  

June 12, 2003
IMPORTANT: Please vote for us at  We're in a contest on 102.7 KIIS FM that the Rick Dees Morning Show is doing.  If we win, we play the Rose Bowl on July 4th in front of 65,000 people.  They also hook us up with some other nice things too, but we're only going to win if our fans vote for us.  It only takes 5 seconds.  Go to and click the word vote beneath our name.  That's all!  One vote per email address.  You can vote even faster by just clicking here.  If everyone votes, we have a very good chance of winning.  So please vote, and tell all your friend to vote also!!!  The contest ends in just a few days, so there is no time to lose!  

Last Friday we played "Prom Night" live on KIIS FM during the Rick Dees show.  I'm not sure how it sounding cuz the only mic we had picking up the drums, guitar, and vocals was the one Rick Dees was holding.  If you call and request our song "Prom Night," they might play it!  Call them anytime between 6am and 10am at 1-800-Rick-Dees (1-800-742-5333).  If you call when they're not giving things away, it's not that hard to get through.  Thanks so much for your help!

June 5, 2003
Wake-up early tomorrow cuz we're going to be on the Rick Dees Morning Show on 102.7 KIIS FM!  They're doing something to promote the "Finding Nemo" movie, and since that movie is about fish, I guess it's only fitting that we play... don't ya think?  Listen in sometime between 6:30 and 10am. -Mario

June 1, 2003
Yesterday we went to the MTV Movie Awards and it was awesome!  We even got hooked up with passes to go to the "green room" and backstage after party!  Check out Marc's Diary entry to read all about it.  I also just posted a Diary entry from Dec. 25 that was never posted. -Mario

May 29, 2003
Hey guys!  We rocked out at lunch with the students at Irvine High School today and it was a lot of fun.  Yesterday's show at Magnolia High School was cool too.  We played our new song, "The Breaking of My Heart" live for the first time today.  We weren't planning to play it cuz we're still working on it, but everyone wanted to hear more songs, so we thought we'd give that one a try!  We'll hopefully get some pictures up soon from some of the shows we've played.  We always forget to take pictures at our shows, but we have the video camera footage, so we'll try to pull some shots off the tape. -Mario

May 23, 2003
Hey guys, whats up?  We played at Orange High School today and that was fun!  We're hoping to have some pretty good shows lined up for the summer.

May 10, 2003
BREAKING NEWS just in!!!  We're currently working on a bunch of brand new songs (a few of which we're hoping to record this summer), and want to give you guys a little peek at some of the stuff.  So here are the lyrics to one of our latest, "The Breaking of My Heart."  This is our favorite new song of the moment, and we'll probably be playing it at our next show. Check back for lyrics to other new songs-- we'll be posting more often. -Marc

May 9, 2003
What's up guys?  I finally got this news section to scroll, so now we'll be writing in this area more often and have more room to write.

Wanna help us with some promoting??? I posted two fliers that you can print and pass out... one is a DRUMMER WANTED flier, and the other is a general flier promoting the band and our $1 CD. Check them out here!  If you live in OC, please print out our Drummer Wanted flier and post it wherever you can... schools, music stores, coffee shops... anywhere!

Our May 31 show at the Hub is postponed cuz we're going to the MTV Movie Awards.  We'll have another show at the Hub soon I hope. -Mario

News: April 24, 2003
Yesterday's show at Rancho Alamitos High School was a lot of fun. The students there, especially the ASB people were really cool.. thanks guys for all your help and for that huge banner you made for us!

News: April 21, 2003
Whats up guys... I want to start writing on this page more often, but I need to figure out how to make this box scroll so I'll have more room.  We're gonna start trying out drummers soon, like this week hopefully!  So all you drummers out there, email us!  We're practicing a lot with Marc on bass, and it's sounding really good... background vocals never sounded better! We're also working on a ton of new songs that I'm sure you guys are gonna really like.

News: April 9, 2003
It's time to say goodbye... the show this Friday at the Hub will be one of our last with Alex.  He wants to pursue other musical goals and we wish him well.  Be sure to come on out this Friday to say your goodbyes...

Now that it's just me and Marc again, we're going to change things up a little... Marc is gonna be putting down the drum sticks and picking up the bass instead.  So any drummers out there, we need you!  If you're interested in playing drums, are between the age of 18-25, and you live in Orange County, send us an email.

News: March 17, 2003
I updated the
Shows page with a list of every show we've ever played... ahhh the memories!

News: March 12, 2003
The radio interview we did on Sunday was a ton of fun.  Thanks to everyone that listened and called up!  Hopefully we'll have the chance to do another one of those soon. 

We'll be at Trabuco Hills High School tomorrow playing during lunch.  We're looking to play more schools, but it's been really tough booking them.  We've spent countless hours calling every public high school in Orange County... about 10x each! We still haven't even played a fraction of the schools.  If you live in OC and we haven't played your school and it's not on our calendar, then we need your help.  Talk to your activities director or a student in ASB about having us play during lunch.  Email us if you want to know what days we are available.  Also if your schools is within 100 miles of Orange County, we'll play.  Just hook it up and let us know what day we're playing... it's up to you!

News: March 6, 2003

-Live on the Radio!-

Sunday March 9th at 10pm, we're going live on the radio... for our first time!  We'll be doing an interview and also playing some acoustic songs.  It's going to be hot fun and you can all listen in live on the internet at  Call us up when we're on and say hello! (714) 278-5516

-Show March 9th @ The Hub-

Before our radio show, we're playing at The Hub in Fullerton. The show starts at 8pm and we play first, so get there early. We're not going to be able to hang out with fans afterwards like we like doing, cuz we have to rush out to do our radio interview, but stick around for No Way Jose, The Return, and My Lose Cause. 

News: Feb. 14, 2003
©Happy Valentine's Day!©

We're playing a bunch more Orange County high schools in the next few weeks, so check out our shows page and see if we'll be playing at yours!  If we're not, talk to your activities director about having us play.

News: Feb. 8, 2003
The students at Santiago High School know how to rock... we had a ton of fun playing there Thursday!  Our next show will be in Laguna Niguel on Feb. 22 at Natale Coffee... our first time playing a show in our own city!  I pass that coffee shop everyday and I never knew we can play a show in there.

News: Jan. 29, 2003
We had fun rocking out at Fullerton Union High School yesterday!  Saddleback College and the Gypsy Lounge today, Savanna High School tomorrow... and then our very hot show at The Hub on Saturday.  Busy week, fun shows... hope to see you guys at one of them!

News: Jan. 13, 2003
Hey guys!  I added some pictures of shows we played in the past couple months... check them out

News: Jan. 6, 2003
We decided that we're going to keep our $1 CD sale going forever, or till we get signed... whichever comes first.  We've had this band going for a while, and getting signed has never been our first priority.  The biggest reason why is because we have always wanted to do as much as we possibly could on our own before even thinking about a label.  But dammit, life would be a little easier with some help... don't you think??? I do!!!  Whatever happens, our #1 focus will always be our music; everything else will eventually fall into place.

News: Jan. 1, 2003
Happy New Year!!!  We'd like to thank all our fans for making this past year so great!   Thanks to everyone that came to our shows, listened to our music, bought a CD... and for just being a fan.  We've sold more CDs from our bedroom than we could have ever thought... thanks for keeping us busy!  We're hoping and working on making this coming year even better!

News: Dec. 25, 2002
Merry Christmas!!! Hope your day is filled with joy and nice stuff!
-Mario, Marc, and Alex

News: Dec. 18, 2002
We played at Century High School today... it was a lot of fun and the students there were really cool!  Tomorrow we'll be rocking out at Laguna Beach High School if it doesn't rain.

The show this Friday at The Hub is going to rock for sure!  We'll be playing with Hello Goodbye, All Time Radio, and Bluntside.  Check out our Shows page for details.  Hope to see you there!

News: Dec. 8, 2002
Check out this interview with Marc... it's funny.

On Friday Dec. 20, we're playing a free show at the Hub in Fullerton. We're playing with some awesome bands, so this show is gonna rock!  Bring your friends and lets have some fun!

News: Nov. 28, 2002
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We'd like to thank our awesome fans for all your support.

We had a lot of fun playing at Fountain Valley High School yesterday. Tomorrow Nov. 29, we have a free show at Pug'z Records next to UCLA, so come out if you're in the area.  

Check out for info on shows in Southern California. They have us listed as a featured band.

News: Nov. 15, 2002
Anyone go to Fountain Valley High School?  We're playing there during lunch on Wed. Nov. 27th.  We also have a free show at The Hub in Fullerton on Friday Dec. 20th.... spread the word!

News: Nov. 9, 2002
We're playing a free show on Nov. 29th at Pug'z Records next to UCLA.  If you're in the area, come hang out with us.

If you go to high school in Orange County or surrounding areas, please email us.
We want to play at your school and we need your help to make it happen!

News: Oct. 23, 2002
Hey guys, some good news... we finally have a bassist!  His name is Alex Spitz.  Now we can start playing shows again!  And speaking of shows, we have one on Nov. 3rd in Downtown Fullerton.  Check out our
Shows page for details.

News: Oct. 12, 2002
The picture page has been updated with a bunch of pictures of when we were in the studio.  I also added pictures of a show we played at USC a while ago and some other random shots.  Go check them out!

News: Oct. 8, 2002
Hey guys, we reached 50,000 listens and downloads on!  Thanks to everyone who has checked us out and gave us a listen!

News: August 11, 2002


Hey guys, we need everyone's help with getting our song on the radio!  Orange County's 94.3 Cool Radio does a local music show called "Go Loco" every Sunday night between 8pm and midnight.  Please call (714) 977-1943 during that time and request "16, a Bombshell... and My Friend."  Or email your request anytime to and in the subject line write Drowning Fish and the song title.  They've already played us a couple times, but we'd love to be played every week!  With your help, maybe they'll do it!


Check out for a funny interview Marc did... thanks Karena!  

Also check out two sites our awesome fan Heather put together!
-Heather's Drowning Fish Site
-Heather's Yahoo Group

News: June 27, 2002
Hey everyone, hope your summer's off to a good start!  Ours sure is... we're looking to play shows soon so stay tuned... and if you live in Orange County and want us to play your party, let us know!

News: May 30, 2002
Are we crazy... maybe.  For a limited time, we're selling our full-length 15-song CD "Memories Made, Times Forgotten" for only $1.  These limited edition CDs are signed and homemade!  Just mail $1 and a stamp to:
Drowning Fish
P.O. Box 7034
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-7034
...or you can pay by cash, credit card, or check using PayPal.  Click here for all the details... and find out how to get a free sticker and punk comp too!!!

News: May 10, 2002
Hey guys!  I just posted three new Diary entries that were written a while ago but were never posted... when it rains, it pours.  Check them out! 

News: April 3, 2002
We put together a comp featuring a bunch of awesome bands.  Buy our album and get it for free!  The CD includes Lucky 7, Brodie, Sloppy Meateaters, Larger Than Life, Agent Felix, Nothing To Lose, Sick Shift,  Red Letter Day, The Getaway, Unsung Zeros, The Charismatics, Short Round, All Time Radio, Dekker, and us.  More info here.

News: March 23, 2002
Hey guys, how's it going?  We're currently trying out bass players.  If you play bass and want to be in this band, email us. Or if you know someone that plays bass in Orange County, please let them know we're looking for them.  Thanks!

News: Feb. 7, 2002
Hey, it's time for some karaoke!  We now have the lyrics to all the songs from our album up on the website.  Also on the lyrics page are in-depth stories Marc wrote about every song, giving you the top secret ingredients that led to the creation of each song.  Check out the much anticipated Lyrics & Story page here!

News: Dec. 31, 2001
Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa got you what you wanted!

Help us get the word out about the band by sending your friends a Drowning Fish greeting card!  Click here to send one.  Please send it to everyone you know!

News: Dec. 21, 2001
Hey guys!  Buy our new CD between today and Christmas and get a free 33-track punk rock compilation featuring unreleased tracks of Prom Night and Take Me Away.  E-mail me the confirmation email you get from and your address, and we'll send you the compilation and stickers.  If you're mailing your order and it's postmarked by Dec. 24, you'll get the compilation.

Check out a recent band interview Marc did.  It's pretty funny... read it here.

We now have a Drowning Fish Yahoo Groups site.  Join the party!  

News: Nov. 19, 2001
Hey everyone! We finally released our first album today! So much time (over a year) has been invested in this album, so we're really happy that it's finally out. It's available only on The 15-song CD is over one hour long, and is selling for $7.98. We set the price at the lowest possible amount allows us to. Click here to buy the CD!!! Click here to listen and download some of the new songs. I hope you like it! Let us know what you think.

News: Oct. 29, 2001
Hey everyone! We're going to have our album out soon.  We'll be selling it online. I'll have the details up on this site soon. Have a nice Halloween! -Mario

News: Sept. 14, 2001
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected and suffering from Tuesday's tragedy. 

News: Sept. 5, 2001
Well this summer has gone by really fast. Did we skip over August this year or what? I know the album is way off schedule, but we're working on it. Actually all that we really have left is to make the album cover and inlay. I spent a few days figuring out how to use this art program to create the inlay but I think I have it figured out now. I'm not going to make any more promises as to when it will be out, but when it is, I'll let you know. -Mario

News: July 15, 2001
We finally have our album finished! We finished mixing it Monday, July 9th.  We were in the studio 9a.m. till 3:30a.m. That was one long day! We didn't finish in June as originally planned because things took a little longer then we thought, and the studio was booked up, so scheduling days wasn't easy. But we finally have it done. The album took a total of 16 days to record and mix. It will be out in August...I promise. I hope you're going to like it! Be sure to check out Marc's new diary entry. -Mario

News: June 4, 2001
We will have our finished album in our hands this FRIDAY! We'll be in the studio Wed, Thurs, and Friday finishing up the songs and mixing.  Here are the songs that are going to be on our album:
1)  Prom Night (re-recorded)
2)  I'll Miss You
3)  Wish This Were A Love Song
4)  Sixteen, a Bombshell, and My Friend
5)  A Wonderful Life
6)  Brain Freeze
7)  Summer of '89
8)  Goodbye
9)  At Night She Cries
10) Lonely Hearts
11) Memories Made, Times Forgotten
12) Hanging On
13) My Girl
14) Hardened Hearts
15) Please Don't Go Away

The last two titles are tentative, so they'll probably change.  I'll be letting you know very soon how and where you can buy our CD. We're going to release it in record in two weeks! More info coming soon. -Mario

News: May 19, 2001
Our album, "Memories Made, Times Forgotten" is about half way finished! We were in the studio Thursday and Friday, and worked on five more of the fifteen songs we're recording. These are the songs we were working on:
1. Brain Freeze
2. Summer of '89
3. Goodbye
4. At Night She Cries
We still need a title for the fifth song. Read Marc's Diary entry to get the inside scoop on how the recording is coming along. More details about the album coming soon! -Mario

News: May 12, 2001
We started recording and everything is sounding really good! We were in the studio from 9am till 6pm Thursday and Friday, and we finished five songs. These are the songs we recorded (in the exact order too!)
1. Prom Night
2. I'll Miss You
3. Wish This Were A Love Song
4. Sixteen, a Bombshell, and My
5. A Wonderful Life
We're going back to the studio this week to record five more songs. More info on the album coming soon! -Mario

News: April 18, 2001
Nothing new...see below.

News: Jan. 21, 2001
Thanks to everybody that's been checking out our site. I know we haven't been updating it that often, but right now there's not much news on the band to tell you about. We're still working on the fifteen songs that we'll be soon recording. When we have a good idea of when the CD will be out, I'll have details up on this site. Be sure to join our mailing list so you'll be the first to know about what's going on with Drowning Fish. -Mario

News: Dec. 7, 2000
I told you I'll let you know when life gets exciting...well it did. $100,000 worth of excitement. Read all about it here

NewsNov. 30, 2000
I added a new logo to all the pages. I hope you like took me forever! I haven't been updating this site that often because basically there's really nothing new to tell you about right now. When life gets exciting, I'll let you know. -Mario

  Nov. 3, 2000
Well November is here and our album that we hoped will be out in October is not even recorded yet. Time is moving too fast! Maybe it will be out in December but I'm not going to promise anything. Right now we're basically dissecting each song and making it as good as we can. We have 11 songs studio ready but we have 4 more to perfect...and we saved the hardest for last. Maybe I should just quit and let the fish drown. -Mario

News Sept. 24, 2000
Hey everyone, we finally have our website up. I hope you like it! We have a guestbook up so make sure you sign it. I added a new feature called Diary. Marc will be writing in it, so be sure to check it out! We'll be hopefully going to the studio in a few weeks and have our album out in November. But then again things never go as planned, especially around here, so who knows when it will be out. -Mario