Sunday, September 24, 2000  9:01pm

Well well well--- I guess we FINALLY got our website up!  It is pretty pretty amazing.  Mario's been working forever on it.  Yah, whenever I'm on the computer doing my important things--you know, e-mailing friends and the such, Mario's always, "Marc, all you know how to do is waste time!  Why aren't you doing anything for the band?!  I need to work on the website!  Go write a song or something!!!"  Well, I guess I have to give (Oh, a good song just came on the radio!  It's that Lonestar song... I'm not sure what it's called, but it sounds just like that Brian Adams Robin Hood song.  Yah, it's not punk, but it's still good!!!) it up for Mario, cuz I think the site is lookin perty darn good.  Anyway, I'm not supposed to go on too long, and if anyone knows me and my writing, there is never an ending.... I just keep going and going and going.... oh, while I'm on the subject, there's this new Energizer commercial that I saw the other day that is sooooooooooo soooooo funny.  You may have seen it too.  This guy is sitting in a spa thinking he looks all good and stuff, and he's talking about how his hair looks sooooo good and full now, ever since he's been taking this certain product, which I can't remember the name of.  Anyway, they're showing before and after pictures of when he was bald, to him having a full head of hair, and the whole time you think it's this cheesy Rogaine-type commercial.  Then all of a sudden you hear the "Thump thump thump" of the Energizer bunny, and the guy gets scared and turns around really quick to see what's going on, and he has this huge fur coat growing all over his back!!!!!  It's so funny!  Anyway, I'm off the subject and I'm probably gonna have to erase 95% of what I wrote anyway, but whatever!  Well, I'll be writing in here hopefully every day, and update you on the band's whereabouts and happenings, so stay tuned!  Oh, and really quick, we just thought of this diary thing today.  I was in the room where we jam-- it's called the bonus room cuz when we moved in here, the people that sold us the house told us so-- and Mario walks in and tells me that we are each going to have a little section on the site where we can write something.   I followed him to the computer to see what it will look like, and he said, "What do you think we should call it?"  I was thinking thinking thinking, and I thought of a couple names (I forgot what), and then I thought, "Hey, what if we call it "The Diary" or "Band Diary" or something?!  That would be cool!"  He said, "That sounds like a cool name.  You know what, I've seen other pages that actually have diaries."  That was about 4 hours ago.  Anyway, I better go.  I guess I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.  Oh, one other thing I thought of when I started writing this was organizing these diary entries with dates you can click on.  It will look more organized than having a page with just tons of writing.  Oh, and one more thing---my parents are at a wedding right now.  Just thought you should know!  Okay, bye!

Marc  9:27pm

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