Tuesday, September 4, 2001  5:34pm 

Hey everyone, what’s up?!!!  Well it’s definitely been a while, but then again, isn’t it always.  Anyway, as you know, we did finally finish our album…. finally!!!!  At times it seemed like we never would.  Then we went on vacation for about a month.  That was a lot a lot of fun!  I met a lot of new people, made a few new friends, and saw too many pretty girls that I’m going to have a hard time forgetting.  Anyway, now we’re back home, and back to work on this album. 

We are currently working on the cover art and inlay and all that stuff.  We are hoping to have the album uploaded to MP3 and selling this week.  You better buy a copy!!! J  Not  much else has happened with the band.  Now that we are basically done with the CD, it’s now time to promote the band like crazy, try out bass players (I’m not looking forward to that), and start to finally play shows again!!!  I can’t wait for that. 

So how was everyone’s Labor Day???  Mine was cool.  We had a barbeque with friends and all that good stuff.  At the store when we were buying the hot dogs and hamburgers and chips and everything, I saw Mariah Carey on the front cover of Allure, so I bought it.  I couldn’t help it…. I think I’m in love.  It’s actually sitting in front of me on my desk right now as I write you guys.  I also put up a new Mariah Carey poster on my wall on Sunday.  I put it right underneath my old one of her.  The old one was for her “Rainbow” album, and the new one is for her “Glitter” album.  Anyway, one day when I’m a rockstar and all that good stuff, I’m going to meet her.  Maybe I’ll star in a movie with her or something.  I wouldn’t mind playing her little love interest or something…. except for the fact that she’s about 3 inches taller than me… without heels.  So that kind of sucks.  But we’ll worry about that later. 

Anyway, I’m listening to Aaliyah’s CD right now.  It’s so sad she died.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard.  I was in Las Vegas at the time.  She seems like the sweetest person in the world, and she’s so pretty too.  There’s just something about her that’s so pure.  I’ve always thought that.  I just saw her diary on MTV a few days before she died, so that was really weird.  It’s such a tragedy.  And what makes it feel so much worse is that is seems like just the littlest changes could have changed everything.  Things like this all of a sudden remind you how real life really is. 

Anyway, I guess I’ll get going now.  There’s nothing else really to say.  I’m going to pay my Citibank bill right now cuz Mario just reminded me that it’s due on the 7th.  Well take care, and I’ll talk to you soon…. not more than a week from now. 

Marc  6:19pm

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