Wednesday, October 31, 2001  4:43pm 

Itís Halloween!!!  Iím so excited cuz I love Halloween.  Iíve been reading a lot of scary little stories by R.L. Stine to get in the mood.  I tried to get that book ďTrick or TreatĒ by Richie Cusick, but someone lost the book at our libraryÖ and at every other library in Orange County!  It must be some sort of conspiracy or something.  FBI has been pretty busy lately, but they promised to check it out as soon as they get the chance.  In the meantime, I bought the book over the internet, but it hasnít arrived yet!  Iím so mad!  Itís out of print, so I had to buy it used.  Anyway, whatever. 

So I guess itís been more than a week since I last wrote, huh.  I seriously need to do something about this outrageous misbehavior I constantly find myself complying with.   Iím so ashamed!!!  I told you in my last Diary that I would talk to you soon, but itís been almost 2 months now.  Gosh, Iím such a horrible person.  But I guess the first step to rehabilitation is acceptance of your symptoms.  AlthoughÖ it has been a pretty crazy couple months, so youíll have to forgive me this time. 

Anyway, is anybody going trick or treating tonight???  I wanted to, but I have to hand out candy to the miserable little neighborhood brats!  Well, all rightÖ they are not miserable.  Most of them live in nice homes with parents that make a pretty decent wage, so Iím sure the kids get most things they ask for, and live pretty happy lives.  And as for the part about them being brats.  Well, I donít really know any of them personally.  True, I do witness them on occasion parading up and down the neighborhood corridor via bike transport.  However, I have never made much conversation, if any, with any of them, nor have I ever had any sort of sour engagement via hostile encounter with any of them.  So for me to label the little ones as quote, ďmiserable bratsĒ is totally misrepresentative of the true individuals they are!  What a horrible statement to have made!  How could I?!!  And once againÖ I am so ashamed.

Well Iím not sure what Iím doing tonight.  I might go to Downtown Disney with some friends.  Thereís this dance club thing at House of Blues tonight.  Iím not a professional dancer or anything, but I do possess certain viable moves that I feel will enhance the clubís atmosphere.  Thereís this blond chick that is supposed to be there that is supposedly all babycakes and the such, so I really want to go.  To tell you the truth, Iím not really into blond girls (please donít hate me blond girls), but I have been lifting certain sanctions lately that previously would have barred me from enjoying the company of anyone other than a tan girl with brown hair and brown eyes.  Donít misinterpret what I am saying though!  I am still really into the brunette type, but Iím starting to accept applications from other types of love interests as of AóSAP (thatís yuppie for ďA.S.A.PÖ as in ďas soon as possibleĒ). 

Anyway, I donít know if Iíll be going.  I really want to, but I have to hand out candy here, and I donít have anything to dress up as.  I didnít plan on dressing up this year, so I donít really have any sort of costume.  I wouldnít mind going in what Iím wearing now: blue Dickies jeans and my red Casper the Friendly Ghost shirt.  But dance places always make a big deal about making sure you are dressed up in a spandex shirt, slacks that are 4 sizes smaller than what fits, and penny loafers with the pennies inserted Abraham Lincoln side up.  It sucks, I was also supposed to go to the Queen Mary yesterday, but those plans fell through too!  My life story.

I actually wanted to finish our album today.  Weíre pretty much done, but we have to decide on the 18 pictures that weíll be putting on the inside of our CD inlay.  Also, I just want to read the little ďBehind the SongĒ stories I wrote upÖ just one last time.  It took me forever to write those and edit them.  I read them over and over and over again, and each time I found something new to change or revise or elaborate on orÖ UGH!!!  Sometimes I just get too perfectionistic on myself.  But, Iím going to read them all over just one last time.  I want to make sure everything is perfect. 

Anyway, Iím thirsty now, so Iím going to go get a drink.  But after that, Iím going to sit down and read all those 15 stories, and then Iím going to tell Mario to sit with me so we can finalize which of the 18 pictures to pick.  We narrowed it down to like 34 yesterday, but thatís almost 2 times more than we can use.  So tonight, our album will officially be completed.  It pretty much is done anyway.  I finished the last story sometime last week, and I was so relieved. 

Anyway, Happy Halloween!!!  Iím going to go get a drink of water right now!  Oh, but I first want to say hi to Courtney, my little snow bunny from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Sheís so sweet cuz she wrote in our Guestbook yesterday saying how she loves us and our music!  I know she was directing all of that love at me, but since she has such a big heart and didnít want to hurt Marioís feelings, she knew she had to include him in there too.  But I know she loves me more!!! J  And thanks to Thomas from Brasil (in America, itís actually spelled with a ďZĒ for some reason) for insisting that our album be sold over there.  Thomas, thatís a super idea cuz Brazilian women are amongst my favorite kinds of girls to be seen with, and held by.  Releasing an album over there could seriously improve my opportunities with the Brazilian female.  So Kudos to you for that suggestion! 

Anyway, I guess thatís it for now.  We only had 4 trick-or-treaters so far, and they all came together.  Well, I best be on my way now.  Iím going to record Dawsonís Creek tonight.  Itís been about 2 hours since I started writing this, but thatís only cuz my friend called and I watched some stuff on TV and stuff.  I havenít been slaving over you that long, so donít feel too special!  Alright, Happy Halloween everyone!!!  Iíll talk to you later!!!!!

Marc  6:50pm

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