Early Tuesday, April 2, 2002  1:53am

Damn…. where did the time go?  It’s already April!!!  Last time I wrote was Halloween!!!  I need to really get myself to do these things more often.  I actually like writing these diaries a lot, but just kind of haven’t really sat down to write any for a while.  Anyway, I felt I should write tonight cuz tonight was a huge night that I will always remember.  I gave our Drowning Fish CD to Tom from Blink 182! 

Tom has a side project band called “Boxcar Racer,” and they were playing a really tiny club down in San Diego.  It was the band’s first show ever, and the show was in their hometown, so I knew it would be a pretty special event.  Tom and Travis are in the band, and they are currently looking for a bass player… kind of like us.  Surprisingly enough, the fill-in bass player they have now (his name is “T,” short for… I forgot what) is a guy that recorded at the same studio with us last summer.  At the studio, T and I talked for about 5 minutes while we were waiting for “Audio Karate” to finish up their session so we could have access to the room they were in.  I gave him our rough mix CD to keep and listen to.  There were only a few songs on it, and they weren’t final versions or anything, but it was all we had at the time.  Later, T came into the room and asked Mario for a guitar string, because he just broke one.  I guess he was playing guitar or something at that time… or maybe both guitar and bass, I don’t know.  Anyway, little did I know, the next time I would see T would be on stage with Tom and Travis, playing bass for their new band “Boxcar Racer.”  Isn’t life just so unexpected sometimes?! 

We got to the show about an hour early, but there was already a long line.  When we got in, there was already a lot of people up at the stage, so I was kind of bumbed cuz I wanted to just be able to hand Tom our CD.  The first band played (they were called “Twig”), and then the second (“The Movielife”), and then finally “Boxcar Racer.”  It was hard to hear the songs really, but The Movielife sounded really good, and so did “Boxcar Racer.”  Boxcar had a song about God or something, and that had such an awesome chorus.  It was so freaking emotional, you just couldn’t help feeling it. 

When the first band played, I was pretty far from the stage.  I wanted to stay with my group of friends, so it was hard to get closer cuz it was so crowded.  But then I thought, “Screw my friends—I’m heading for the stage!”  After all, I had a very important mission to execute!  So I left them and slowly made my way towards the stage, one person at a time.  I’m too nice a guy to push my way up like those really big tall guys do.  But whenever the crowd pushed really hard from behind, I took advantage and tried to squeeze forward. 

I was never so freaking sweaty and hot and dehydrated and exhausted in my life!  I think I almost even died a few times!  It was worth it though.  By the time Boxcar Racer came out, there were only like 4 or 5 people in front of me.  I couldn’t believe I made it that far! 

Tom would play a song, and then stop and talk for a little bit, and then play another song.  Every time the lights looked low, and he would look in my direction, I held the CD up in the air and kind of motioned for his attention.  I tried to only do this when he was done playing cuz I didn’t want to be pushy or rude or anything… like the kid who insists on raising his hand to be called on while the teacher is in the middle of saying something.  I kept doing that for 15 or 20 minutes, and Tom didn’t say anything.  But then finally, he did.  Tom DeLonge points at the CD I had in my hand and asks, “What’s that?”  And then he goes, “Throw it up here.”  I was so excited!  Tom was going to finally get my CD!

Scared I might hit him if I threw too hard, I kind of just lightly tossed the CD towards him.  The whole room watched as my dreams and efforts unenthusiastically flopped down at the edge of the stage somewhere.  Joking, Tom asked, “What was that?” cuz I threw really weak.  I then pulled out the 2 last CDs I had in my pocket, and my friend took the CD I gave him earlier, and we tossed all three on stage… with a little more determination this time.  Tom was a little surprised by the sudden bombardment, and yelled, “What are these, self-help tapes?!”   He then picked one up and said, “Drowning Fish.”  I yelled to him that it was my band.  Then the guitar guy picked the rest of the CDs off the floor so no one would slip on them and break their neck (although I think the real reason he picked the CDs up was because he was worried they would get scratched or damaged in the event someone did slip and break their neck on them), and the show went on.  I was so excited about this whole thing.  It’s so crazy!  Anyway, I’ll finish my story tomorrow.  I feel so gross from everyone’s sweat that was rubbing off on me, so I’m going to go take a shower right now.  Bye!  2:31am

Sunday, April 7, 2002  8:15pm 

Hey, what’s going on???  I’m listening to my Mariah right now.  We get music on our TV cuz we have digital cable, and she’s on now.  I was in love with her for years, but now I’m really really into Britney Spears… and after seeing a diary on Mandy Moore, I’m into her too.  She’s really cute, and seems nice and everything.  I don’t put up with mean girls.  That’s why me and Christina Aguilera don’t really get along.  Okay, now I’m on the 80’s station, and some soft rock 80’s song is on.  It’s by a guy named “Toto.”  Don’t ask.  I never heard of the guy, but that’s what the screen is telling me.  I’ve heard the song before though. 

Anyway, I’m in my parent’s room on their computer finishing this up cuz Mario is working on the album art on our computer.  MP3.com just made it so you can design the whole inlay and CD tray, not just 3 pages of it like before.  Well, before I go on about nothing, where was I… Tears For Fears is on!  I like this song… “Head Over Heels.”  I used to watch the video for this song when I was just a little insignificant kid.  It’s crazy how long ago that was.  I hate time!  Anyway, where was I…  Oh!!!  I love this song!!!  Bon Jovi, “I’ll Be There For You.”  That was the summer of ’89.  Ahh, the memories.  I used to listen to Pirate Radio, sing along, record myself acting like a DJ taping these songs and interviewing my brother, sister, cousins…. that was a good time.  If you haven’t done so yet, read the lyrics for our song “Summer of ’89.”  It’s all about that summer, and 100% true. 

Well our house next door just got sold.  The real-estate lady came over the other day asking if we had a key to the house next door cuz she locked herself out.  That’s when she mentioned it was sold.  I hope so much that I’m going to get good friends moving in next door.  That’s what summer is all about—family, friends, and the memories that are made.  There is nothing like having a good friend next door.  Since I moved here 12 years ago, I haven’t had that.  But hopefully soon that will change.  I hope anyway. 

Well, Bon Jovi’s song is coming to a close, so I guess I’ll get on with what I’m really here to write about.  Mario likes when I keep these things short cuz he thinks no one will read them when they’re too long.  I’m sure he’s right, but when I’m on a roll, I can’t help myself!!!  Anyway, let’s try this again….

The show went on, and I thought I was going to die for many different reasons: heat, dehydration, affixiation, being trampled, being crushed, having someone jump off the ceiling beams and land right on my head when I wasn’t ready for them (one guy missed me by an inch), etc.  But I managed to last the entire show and receive nothing more than minor bruises and a slight concussion, so it wasn’t too bad.  Anyway, after the show, I ran outside to the back cuz I wanted to catch the band before they ran to their cars trying to escape the crowd.  When I got back there, I saw two guys hanging out behind a fence.  I thought they were from one of the opening bands, but they might have been roadies.  Anyway, I asked the two guys if Tom or Travis were going to be coming back through there, and they said they weren’t sure.  I also asked them what the bass player’s name was, cuz I couldn’t remember and wanted to know incase I bumped into him.  The guy said his name was “T,” short for… I forgot what the guy said it was short for.  Back when I met “T” at the recording studio, he was in a band called “Goes To 11,” (or something like that) and Travis was supposed to be coming into the studio to lay down the drum tracks.  I’m actually really bad at remembering faces, names, and everything else, but I recognized this guy right when I saw him on stage.  Anyway, back to my story about the show. 

The guys at the back of the club told me to get my CD, so I ran to the car and got a huge box.  I handed him and his friend one, and handed him a few more to give to Boxcar Racer.  Travis was hanging out right by the door, but he was talking to some people, so I didn’t want to bother him.  Then I went inside and handed a few CDs to a guy who worked there, asking if he could make sure Boxcar Racer got them.  I’m very trusting, but not stupid.  I’m not going to just rely on one person to make sure they get a CD, cuz this opportunity doesn’t come around everyday.  The guy was cool and said he’d make sure they got the CD.  Then, let’s see… the security guards tried throwing us out, but I ignored them and stayed.  Oh yah, I saw T and walked up to him. 

T was signing autographs and talking to some girls who were all, “Like, umm, you were great!  Like, umm, I think you’re so cute!  Like, umm… I’m a groupie, so you wanna like… umm?!!”  I’m kidding, they weren’t that obvious.  Maybe they just wanted to talk, who knows.  Anyway, I was like, "Hey T!”  And he looked at me like, “And, uhh, I know you?”  I was like, “It’s Marc… Drowning Fish…. I met you at Love Juice and gave you our CD…. your string broke… you asked us…  ummm… I threw a bunch of CDs on stage…”  And then he went, “Yah, right… hey!”  I was feeling a little stupid, but carried on.  “Wow, so you’re in Boxcar Racer, that’s crazy!  Are you going to be recording… oh wait, you guys have a CD out pretty soon, right?”  “Yah, it’s coming out May 14th.”  (That’s the inside scoop.  Last time I checked, the internet just says they have a CD coming out sometime towards summer.)  “So T, I’m in a band and stuff, and I want to give you some of our CDs so you can hear what we sound like and stuff.”  “Yah, that would be cool.”  “Umm, can I borrow that pen so I can write my number down?”  “No problem… here.”  He handed me his sharpie autograph pen, and I then wrote my name and number down (I rushed because I kept having to hand the pen back so he could sign autographs) on about 3 CDs, and handed everything to him.  I told him it was good talking to him, and he said, “It was good talking to you too Marc.”  He was really cool, but I wonder if he’ll really listen to our stuff.  I hope so.  By the way, I was paraphrasing. 

Anyway, I have to eat dinner now, and I’m making this thing too long, so when I come back, I’ll try to sum it up.  Alright, I’ll talk to you later!!!  9:27 pm  

Monday, April 8, 2002  5:32 PM 

I’m back… one day later.  Alright, I’m going to wrap this thing up right now.  After I gave T our CDs, I waited around for Travis, cuz I saw him coming out towards where I was.  When he got up to me, I was all, “Hey Travis, I want to give you this…”  “What is that?”  “My band Drowning Fish.”  “I already have three of them.”  He kept walking.  I wasn’t sure if he was annoyed or what, but it’s not like I expected every person who was supposed to give our CD to the band to actually do it!  Apparently however, they did. 

I wanted to at least make some sort of personal connection with Travis and tell Travis that I would really appreciate it if he would listen to the CD, but he didn’t stop or anything.  Beforehand, he was talking to a lot of different people, signing autographs, posing for pictures, etc.  So when it was my turn and he saw that it was the stalker with the CDs, he probably got pretty fed up.  But what kind of got me was like 2 seconds after he just walked off, he stopped to talk to this one guy who was trying to hand him his band’s CD.  Travis seemed genuinely interested and everything too!  They shook hands, Travis was looking at the CD, and they talked for at least a couple minutes.  Then just before Travis finally left, he told the guy that he’d definitely check out the CD. 

The whole time, I was standing to Travis’s side cuz I wanted to ask if he would listen to my CD, and I wanted to see if I could get a picture.  It was totally obvious that I was waiting to talk to him, but he didn’t look at all and just walked away.  I didn’t want to be annoying and call out his name.  I guess he was tired and just wanted to head to the back room, so that’s where he went. 

I’m disappointed about not being able to really talk to Travis, but I also try to be understanding about the whole thing.  Travis seemed really friendly to everyone else, and was cool enough to hang out for like 45 minutes after the show and talk to people.  I really look up to the guy, and care enough to want him to hear our stuff.  However, I guess it all came across wrong.  I’m going to their show on the 21st in Irvine and have Orchestra seats, so I’m going to try to get up there again and get them to listen to our stuff.  Maybe I’ll attach a note or something this time. 

Anyway, that’s what happened at Boxcar Racer’s very first show.  Oh, by the way,  Cheetah (their friend/webmaster) videotaped the whole show, and he got that part where I threw the CD up on stage.  So that’s cool, cuz when they watch it, it will probably remind them, “Oh yah, maybe we should listen to his stuff.” 

Anyway, enough!  I’m wrapping this puppy up.  I went on way way waaaaaayyyyy too long.  I’ll try to keep them short from now on.  Thanks for reading it all!!!  Bye

Marc  5:53pm

PS--  Damn, it’s still daytime outside!  The days are getting longer—summer is on its way!

UPDATE:  I don’t usually do this, but I have a couple updates for this diary.  I’ll make them short and to the point:

1)   Boxcar Racer was looking for a permanent bass player, so I thought T was just a fill-in.  But I guess he was the guy they picked for the band.  And as for what the letter “T” stands for… it’s short for Anthony.

2)  That song I mentioned that I liked so much… the one I said was about God… well I guess that’s Boxcar Racer’s latest single.  It’s called “If Only.”  I guess it’s not about God, but about talking to Him.  I know Tom mentioned something like that at the show anyway. 

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