Early Saturday, April 6, 2002  2:52am

Hey again!!!  Well I didn’t finish my last story yet, but I have even greater news that I have to let you guys know about.  I got home about half an hour ago from Downtown Disney.  I was hanging out with my brother, my friend Faris, and my sister Nicole, Kuba, and a few other people… cuz it was Kuba’s birthday and stuff.  I happened to see Poorman (this guy who I used to work for, and who’s on KIIS FM right now…. a really huge Los Angeles station) standing outside of the club “Y Arriba  Y Arriba,” and talking on his cell phone.  He saw me and was all, “Hey Marc!”  I said hey and stuff, and then he offered to get me and my friends in for free, so we went in.  DAMN… the girls were sooooooo fiiiinnneee…. but I’m not the kind that is all slick with the Armani slacks and a tight midriff and all that, so the girls probably didn’t take notice of lil old me.  Anyway, we’re in there just hanging out and stuff, and it was pretty fun.  Then later, Poorman leaves the club and heads towards the movie theater, and I followed him to talk.  I’ll finish this tomorrow.  It’s late, and I need to get these contacts out before they form cataracts.  3:00am 

Tuesday, May 7, 2002  7:20pm

Time flies too fast sometimes, does it not?!  First of all, let me just ease your concerns by letting you all know that I did manage to get those contacts out without any further incident… other than minor irritation that is.  I know, I kept you all in suspense and enormous distress, and for that I am sorry.  But it was all for a good cause, right?  Me! J  Anyway, let’s see… where did I leave off.  The story is kind of old, and the excitement is pretty much gone cuz nothing ended up coming out of it (yet anyway), so I’m not going to go into detail.  But, please take your seats, as I am now ready to wrap up. “And now for the conclusion of, “It Rained That Night,” without any further interruptions.”

So I caught up with Poorman as he was on his way to the AMC Theater, and he asked if I wanted to join him for the screening of “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.”  I actually totally wanted to see the movie from before cuz I saw the previews in the theater, and it looked really good and stuff.  And of course, how could I resist Tara Reid?!  But I was with everyone else, and I couldn’t just ditch them, so I had to decline the offer.  I did follow him into the theater though (we just walked in… I think they were basically closed, except for this movie that was playing), and there was this group of people that I got introduce to.  I guess they were people that actually worked on the movie, along with Kal Penn… one of the stars of this flick.  Having not seen the movie yet, I didn’t know how big a role he had.  But I was still excited to meet the guy.  He seemed really cool and shook my hand and all that.  Anyway, then Poorman’s assistant showed up (she actually showed up as we entered AMC, but whatever), and I got introduced to her.  She knew I had a band cuz Poorman told her, and she said she used to work for Arista, and she could get my CD to all the right people.  Now, I may be very trusting and naďve at times, but one thing I’m not is stupid.  I’m pretty good at seeing through people.  But I don’t want to get into it, so I’ll leave it at that.  Anyway, I went into the theater and watched about 30 seconds of the movie, and then headed back to the club to meet up with everyone else.

I bragged to them that I just met Kal Penn (“Who???”  “He’s the guy in the new National Lampoon movie!!!  I think he has a big role!!!”), and I watched a little bit of the new movie with him.  Of course, they were all jealous, and I felt kind of bad, so I asked if they wanted to try to go see the movie and meet him and stuff.  My brother and Faris did, so we all headed down there in an attempt to get in.

When we got there, we noticed that Kal Penn and the big group he was with were out of the movie and standing in the lobby.  I felt weird all of a sudden like I was some stalker or something, so instead of going in, we just waited outside the theater and talked. 

Kal later came outside and sat at a little table with a couple other people.  We waited around for a while, and then I said we should just leave cuz this is kind of stupid.  So we headed back to the club.  But then I felt bad, and I told them we should go back and I’ll just walk up to Kal and tell him that they wanted to meet him.  So we headed back.  Once we got there, we saw Kal and his group of 2 or 3 others heading towards us.  I guess they were on their way back to the club we just came from.  Anyway, I walked up to Kal and told him that my brother and friend wanted to meet him and stuff, and he was really cool and shook their hand and stuff.  He was totally down to earth, and I really respect that in a person… especially someone in his position.  We talked for a little bit, maybe a couple minutes, and then the conversation came to an end, and we said our goodbyes and we left. 

I was so mad I didn’t have my CD’s with me.  I always have CD’s in the car just in case I see someone I want to give it to.  But this time we took my friend’s car, so I didn’t have them.  Anyway, on the way out to the car, I realized that my car was parked at a restaurant not too far away, so we could just get the CD’s and come back!  We all got in Faris’s car and raced to where my car was parked… some strange Italian-themed restaurant with a “Pope Room,” a customer-seating section in the kitchen, and lots a rad waitresses.  I got in my car and started writing my info on the CD’s while Mario drove back to Downtown Disney and Faris followed… or, I think it was us that followed.  Anyway, when we got there, we thought they weren’t going to let us into the parking lot cuz it was so super late by now and the place was closing, so we concocted a brilliant scheme that was fool-proof and sure to work.  The mission was cleverly titled, “We all forgot our jackets inside.”  Brilliant!  It turned out we didn’t have to resort to   

Wednesday, May 8, 2002  10:18am

Hey, sorry I didn’t finish.  I got sidetracked.  Well I’m listening to Pinhead Gunpowder’s “Losers of the Year” on CD while writing this.  I like this song!  Now “Big Yellow Taxi” is on.  Awww, the memories… I used to listen to these songs on tape every single day on the way to school.  My friend Robb Maclean made us the tape.  He’s in “Limbeck,” which a lot of you I’m sure have heard of.  Anyway, sorry I didn’t finish yesterday.  I went to go watch “Region In Conflict” (I’m not really a news hog or anything, but I like that show.  That and Hardball!  Disappointing to some, and slightly embarrassing to admit, but it’s the truth!), and after that I think I must have eaten or something.  And then later, I had Hershey Almond and Heath Bar ice cream while watching last Wednesday’s episode of “Dawson’s Creek” on tape.  I for some forgotten reason could not watch it last week.  For those of you who watch that show, you know that Pacey is painting himself into a horrible predicament with his girlfriend, all for a lady that is total manipulative trash!  I think she represents Satan even!  And Dawson only lost his virginity a few episodes ago, after like 19 years of living… and he’s already becoming such a proud gigolo with his one-night stands and all.  What is going on Capeside?!! 

Anyway, enough about that… I’m going to finish now.  And by the way, I’m now listening to that comp. we put together of all these cool bands that we’re giving away free with our album (check our website for details).  Track 4 is on now… one of my favorites cuz the chorus kicks ass!  And now for the conclusion of, “It Rained That Night,” without any further interruptions… for reals this time.

So we came up with this brilliant jacket defense as to why we all needed to get back into Downtown Disney, but we ended up not having to implement the tactic, due to the fact that the guards couldn’t care less and went home, leaving the gates wide open to us cunning strategists in possession of more tricks up our sleeves than, than… than most modern-day delinquents!!!  Well… maybe I was a bit too overdramatic in that last sentence.  But you get the picture… three guys racing through the drenching rain (it rained that night… hence the title “It Rained That Night.”  Pay attention little ones!  The symbolisms of metaphor speak the words of truth!!!!  Gosh, don’t they teach you nothing (double negative) in school these days?!!  But then again, I’m a genius. ;)~   Now let’s see, where did I leave off… three guys racing through torrential downpours, armed only with the honor of getting a CD to Kal Penn… that guy in that new “National Lampoon” movie.  Awww, the nobility of our actions were remarkable!  The Three Musketeers would have been proud. 

Anyway, this thing is getting way out of control.  I’m sure you guys have better things to do than listen to this old war-hero revel in his faded glory (remember what I said about metaphors… that war hero represents me—the champion of humanity fighting for what I believe in: Kal Penn owning a copy of our CD).  And by the way, that war hero reveling stuff… that line is from a Pinhead Gunpowder song.  Anyway, I’m going to sum up the rest pretty quick.

We ran towards the club, hoping to catch Kal and friends before they left for the night.  On our way over there, we just happen to run into Kal and friends leaving for the night.  I told Kal I had a band but didn’t have any CD’s with me when I last talked to him.  So when he saw that I got the CD, he was so excited.  I gave him a few, and gave a few to the people that were hanging out with him.  They were all super cool and excited, and Kal said he’d get the CD to some music director… I think for the National Lampoon movie.  So it was all worth it!!!

Well it’s been a month now, and I haven’t heard anything.  But what I’ve come to realize in my wise age and many experiences, sometimes you mistake silence for absence.  The truth is though, I can get a call from him tomorrow telling me that he and some director liked “Prom Night” so much, that they’d like to put it in the credits of their next venture.  You never know!  Life is completely unpredictable.  Maybe that’s why I’m such an optimist… cuz I realize that fact.  Just the other day I ran into Laurie Kilker.  It’s been years, so I didn’t recognize her or anything, but she remembered me right off the bat and insisted she went to school with me.  I don’t think it’s a huge deal or anything in today’s sense.  But thinking back to when she was in my class and all that, I would have never in a million years believed that she’d recognize me IN the class, let alone years down the road!  To sum it all up, what I’m trying to say is that today’s doubts and impossibilities may be tomorrow’s reality.  So believe!

Well, I guess that’s it.  I should go now cuz I got lots to do I guess. First though, I have to thank Heather McKnight for being right on my a-s-s (I spelled it out in order to lessen the offensive nature of the word) about finally finishing it!  I really like writing these things!  I just have trouble disciplining myself sometimes.  Mario thinks they should be a hell of a lot shorter though.  I’ll have to work on that.  But I think I’ll write another one sometime this week.  Well, we’ll see anyway.  I’m not sure if there is any major news worth talking about.  Anyway, we’ll talk soon enough.  Until next time!!!!

Marc  11:39am

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