Thursday, September 5, 2002  1:19pm

Hey again!!!  Did ya miss me???  I’m sure. ;)~  Yesterday was the craziest day!  Being from Orange County, you never ever see celebrities or anything walking around.  Well then again… there was that one time I was working at the movies, and I missed Paula Abdul by a few minutes cuz I was on break getting food from somewhere.  But those are extremely rare moments.  Let me first start by telling you about last week. 

Last week, me and Mario were up in Los Angeles (about an hour from us) visiting my sister Nicole.  We decided to go to Hollywood and Highland to hang out.  While there, we noticed “American Idol” was being filmed at the Kodak Theater which is part of the Hollywood and Highland complex.  The line was totally short, and we were thinking of waiting in it, but we were meeting up with other people and stuff.  So we didn’t end up going.  Anyway, while walking around the place, I saw Danny Bonaduce with his daughter.  He was on his cell phone trying to talk to someone, while some other guy was trying to get his attention and tell him how great he thinks he is.  Anyway, that was kind of my first star sighting of the day.  I try to always carry CD’s with me, so I had one to give him.  But I was busy taking a picture of my mom and her friend, and he was gone by the time I was done with that.  That kind of sucked.  Anyway, me and Mario decided to go down to where the entrance to the Kodak Theater was and see if we could spot anyone.  While we were standing there, Mario sees Nikki’s mom.  Incase you don’t know, Nikki is one of the contestants.  Mario goes up to her and he’s like, “Hi, you’re Kelly’s mom, right.”  He then realized that he got her name mixed up with the other contestant Nikki was competing against, and saved himself just in time.  Anyway, Mario gave Nikki’s mom a CD to give to Nikki. 

Standing around, we saw a lot of past contestants just hanging out there.  Mario walked up to RJ and gave him a CD.  Then we saw Simon, and we’re like, “It’s Simon!”  Mario goes up to him and hands him a CD, and Simon was really nice and smiled, shook Mario’s hand, and said thanks.  He seemed genuine.  We also saw Randy Jackson, the other judge.  I walked up to give him a CD, and he seemed very uninterested.  We were standing around forever waiting for Paula Abdul, but she was running really late.  People with walkie-talkies were like, “Is she here yet?!!”  Anyway, we waited and waited, but finally decided to leave.  As we turned the corner to get on the elevators, a huge herd of security walked out with Paula in the middle.  Mario was like, “Paula, I want to give you a CD of my band.”  She seemed really stressed and in a hurry, probably cuz she was so late (she got there 15 minutes before the show went on live), but she was like, “I’m not allowed to take it,” and kept walking.  I guess in the entertainment industry, there’s a rule that you can’t take something unsolicited if it’s the same field you’re in.  Like if you write scripts, you wouldn’t want to take a script from someone that hands it to you on the street, cuz that person may turn around a year later and accuse you of stealing their ideas.  I guess it protects you from lawsuits.  It’s kind of weird, but I guess it makes sense.  Anyway, it was fun just seeing these people, so we left happy.

Well that was last week, and what a difference a week can make.  While last week was very casual and low key, this week was crazy!  News cameras everywhere, red carpets, celebrities… it was huge!  We almost didn’t go because we thought we wouldn’t be allowed near where the action was like we were last week, but we decided what the hell.  So we went.  We left around 5:00PM, rush hour, but surprisingly didn’t hit any traffic!  That’s a miracle if you know anything about Los Angeles.  Anyway, we got there with not too many expectations, just hoping we’d see someone.  The show started filming at 5:00pm, so we had to wait around for maybe an hour or so for everyone to come out.  While we were waiting, we wrote a little message on a lot of the CD’s and signed them, just to make them a little more personalized.  Then finally, the show was done and everyone came out. 

There were a few different exits, but we were sure the big people would come out of the main one, cuz that was where the floor seats were.  We turned out to be right, because before long, we saw our first celebrity.  She’s not really that big, and I don’t even know her name, but I gave her a CD anyway.  She’s that red-haired comedian with kind of a raspy voice.  I don’t know if you know who I’m talking about, but anyway, she looked at the CD and goes, “Right on.”  After her we saw Ray Romano from “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  Some dumb professional autograph getters were getting his autograph.  Those are people that get autographs for a living, and then turn around and sell them for money.  These people looked pretty scary.  Anyway, his wife and kids were waiting for him, so I walked up to them and I’m like, “Hi, I’m in a band called Drowning Fish, and I want to give you our CD.” They seemed cool, and his daughter was really nice and was like, “Thanks!”  Then I gave Ray one.  Then I saw Jillian Barberie… that hot chick from Good Day LA on Fox 11.  She’s also doing some dating show, but I don’t know what it’s called.  Oh wait… maybe it’s “Ex”… ex something.  Hold on…. oh okay, I just looked it up on Yahoo.  It’s called “Ex-treme Dating.”  Anyway, she had a group of people surrounding her as she walked towards the escalators, I guess in an attempt not to be seen and hounded.  But I was too quick for her silly antics.  I raced over and went, “Jillian… Jillian!”  She turned around and popped her head out from between her people and was like, “Yah???”  ME: “I just want to give you a CD of my band…”   HER: “CD… what???”  ME: “I was wondering if I could give you a CD of my band…”  HER:  “Oh, yah…”  So I gave her the CD, and that was that.  She’s pretty hot, so it was cool getting it to her. 

Then let’s see… oh, I saw Shannon Elizabeth!!!  I’m so mad I didn’t recognize her though.  I guess she had a really dark tan, cuz I thought she was black for some reason.  I wouldn’t have even noticed her, but Mario was like, “OH!  There’s… umm… that girl!  Ummm…” he couldn’t think of her name.  Knowing she must have been someone though, I ran up to her and was like, “Hey, can I give you a CD of my band?”  She was so nice and sweet and was like, “Yeah!”  She was one of the few that actually seemed interested and excited.  She’s so hot!  She was with a guy though, so I decided to pass on asking her what she was doing later.  Afterwards when I found out who she was, I was so pissed cuz I ended up giving her a CD that was not personalized.  I only had a few more personalized ones and wanted to hold on to those in case I ran into someone I was totally in love with and looked up to, like… oh, Shannon Elizabeth.  But anyway, one day when she’s at one of our shows, I’ll be able to give her that CD I wanted to.J 

Well then…. let’s see… I saw Alyson Hannigan, that chick Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Those dumb autograph sellers were totally taking advantage of her and getting her to sign one photo after another.  She was like, “Oh, another one???  Okay.”  I felt bad cuz she seemed like the type that has a problem saying no, and then gets stepped on.  BASTARDS!!!  Anyway, I came to her rescue with a noble cause, and I was like, “Can I give you a CD of my band?”  She was really sweet and seemed excited about it.  I thought I also gave a CD to Brooke Shields, but it turned out to be Brooke Burns… even better!!! J  As she was walking towards us, this guy said to me, “There’s Niki Taylor!”  I didn’t think it was, so I didn’t say “Hey Niki” or anything like that.  But I walked up to her and handed her a CD.  She was really excited and nice!  She was all, “Oh cool!!!”  And she then reached out her hand and was all, “What’s your name?!”  I gulped cuz I was really shy and nervous, and I’m like, “Mmmmarrrccc.”  She then shakes my hand and says, “I’m Brooke, nice to meet you!”  I then faint, and she walks away.  Alright, I made up the part about fainting, but I was slightly dazed.  After hearing that, the guy who first told me it was Niki Taylor goes, “I meant Brooke Shields.”  A few days later, a friend who saw the encounter on tape (cuz we got the beautiful exchange on home video… for our viewing pleasures!!!) told me it was Brooke Burns. 

Damn, I know I met a lot more people, I just can’t remember who.  Oh! Holly Robinson from 21 Jump Street… I met her and gave her a CD!  I used to have a big crush on her.  I saw that chick Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood, and I almost went up to her, but I kind of chickened out.  OH yah!  I saw Nikki… the contestant Nikki!!!  She’s so hot!  She came out, and then those autograph people ran up to her, and she signed some autographs, and then started getting dragged away by a security guy.  I then go, “Nikki, can I give you my CD?!!”  She reaches out for it as this dumb guy keeps dragging her away.  I then realized I was stupid and just ran up and handed it to her.  I touched her fingers in the process, so I was excited about that. J  She reminds me of my sister’s best friend. 

Anyway, later on we went up to the 2nd level, and we watched an interview with Simon.  That guy is a total character.  Afterwards when he was giving autographs, he reached over and gave this girl a kiss, and I think she fainted.  Then some guy yells, “She’s 13 man!!!”  Simon carries this James Deanesque persona to him, cuz he has this cocky tough-guy attitude while standing there with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, signing autographs, kissing girls, and taking pictures.  Surprisingly, he really seems like a nice guy.  Since we already gave him a CD last week, I didn’t want to overdue it.  But as he was walking away, I held the CD up and asked if he had a chance to listen to it.  I couldn’t hear what he said, but I thought he said, “Not yet.”  Maybe he thought I was trying to get an autograph though and said something else cuz he was walking away.  I could have easily asked him before cuz he was right in front of me, but he looked so busy singing stuff and taking pictures, I guess I was a little intimidated. 

Just when we thought we had seen all there was to see and were standing around getting ready to leave, Kato Kaelin walks right past me.  I casually go, “Kato,” and he turns around.  I’m like, “Here’s a CD of my band,” and I handed it to him.  He seemed excited and asked what kind of music it is.  I told him pop-punk, rock-n-roll, whatever.  And he goes, “I’ll listen to it while I’m working out tomorrow.”  Then he wanted to know if our number was on it, cuz he said he could use us on some show…  I don’t know what.  But I told him our email is on there.  I should have written my number on there, but his girlfriend seemed to be dragging him away.  He also asked if we had an agent.  He was super nice, and seemed really interested, so I thought that was really cool. 

Damn, I never met so many stars in my life!  I know they’re just normal people and stuff, but you still kind of think of them as a little more than that.  If there was one person I’d like to hear from, I’d have to say Shannon Elizabeth.  Well then again, I wouldn’t mind hearing from Nikki… or Alyson Hannigan … or Brooke Burns… or, hell I’m desperate… I wouldn’t mind hearing from anybody!!!J 

Anyway, that was my day in LA.  It was fun, and I definitely want to do it again.  Well, I’m hungry, so maybe I’ll go eat now.  Until next time!!!!

Marc   3:00pm

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