Wednesday, December 25, 2002  10:29pm

Merry Christmas everyone!!!  It’s almost illegal to say that these days, but I guess that’s what makes me such a rebel.  You’ve gotta be when you play drums for such a wild and crazy band like Drowning Fish!  So enough of this “happy holidays” nonsense.  Let’s get crazy… Merry Christmas!!!!  ;)~  So did Santa bring you everything you wanted???  All us bad kids woke up to Drowning Fish CDs stuffed in our shoes.  Tragic I know… but I guess it’s better than coal!  Santa being health conscious and worried about global reserves and what not recently made the switch from coal to Drowning Fish CDs.  No one is worried about depleting our reserves I guess. L  Anyway, on with the show… 

I haven’t written one of these in a while.  My New Year’s resolution is to focus more on doing things like writing diaries and songs and stuff.  I keep getting sidetracked with everything else going on.  I can’t wait till we get signed and have someone in charge of the business side of the band.  It’s so time-consuming!  I’m off to watch Dawson’s Creek now, but I’ll finish hopefully tomorrow.  I just wanted to say… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!  (damn I’m crazy)

Marc  11:13pm

Thursday, December 26, 2002  1:52pm

I’m back!!!  I just finished eating lunch.  So let’s see, where did I leave off???  Oh yes… I believe I was mentioning the fact that I’m crazy and wild.  For those of you who are a little confused, Dawson’s Creek did not move their time slot.  I was watching an episode I taped a couple weeks ago and just got a chance to watch.  It’s the Christmas one where all hell breaks loose at the dinner table… and Dawson loses the girl yet again.  Before that, I finished watching one of my most favorite movies of all time, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  I started watching it on Monday, but it got late and I started getting all tired, and didn’t get a chance to finish it till yesterday.  I love that movie!  I want to watch it again!  Anyone up for it???  You pay for your way down here, and I’ll pay for the popcorn.  Deal?!!

I’m duplicating promo CDs as I’m writing.  The duplicator is next to me, and every few minutes I have to put a new CD in.  A lot of time goes into each $1 and free promo CD we make.  The CD takes about 4 minutes to burn, and then you have to copy the inlay with the names of the songs.  Then you have to cut that piece of paper to fit perfectly into the paper sleeve.  Then you have to stuff the CD in the paper sleeve behind the inlay you just put in, but not before flipping it over and making sure it’s not blank.  And then you have to stuff any show handbills or whatever in there behind the CD.  And then you have to close the flap.  And then we stand out in the sometimes freezing cold at Chain Reaction, Glass House, etc. and hand out these things to anyone who will grab it.  Every now and then you get someone that already got the CD from us at another show.  What sucks is that most of the time they say they never listened to it!  I don’t get mad at them, but it kind of gets you inside cuz you work so hard sometimes, and it just goes so unappreciated.  I know we’re going somewhere though, so that thought just keeps you from exploding.  And then all these people in positions (I won’t mention names or places or anything) that could help us out just ignore us with their egos and indifference.  These are the same people that will be kissing our butts in order to feed their egos and wallets not too long from now.  That’s when I’ll be able to grant them their wish and not pay any attention to them.  It makes you really appreciate the people who are there for you in the beginning though.

I’m listening to “The All-American Rejects” right now.  It was one of my Christmas presents from Mario.  They almost went from virtual unknowns to signing with DreamWorks in less than a year!  The craziest thing of all is that just a few years ago, “The All-American Rejects” were known as “Drowning Fish!”  We just figured that one out yesterday.  It’s all so strange and coincidental and ironic.  About 4 ½ years ago, Mario (I’m back… my computer just froze and I had to reboot, but luckily I had just saved this thing.  My sister and her husband got us a new computer for Christmas cuz this one sucks insert noun of your choice here!!!  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to set it up soon.  Anyway, back to what I was saying…) was looking through AOL profiles for people who had “Drowning Fish” listed (I know, we were desperate… but it’s always cool to see things like that), and Mario found a profile for a guy from Stillwater, Oklahoma that said Drowning Fish was his favorite band.  Big deal, right???  But you have to understand the fact that 4 ½ years ago, the only people who really knew about our band was us, our parents, and our unimpressed (and sometimes violent) neighbors.  Alright alright… I was kidding about the “violent” part.  You have to admit though, it does add character to the description.  Anyway, we were amazed.  The curiosity killing us, Mario decided to write this guy and ask him how he ever heard of us—Drowning Fish.  The guy wrote back and told Mario that Drowning Fish is the name of his friend’s band, and then listed their names: Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Jesse T, Joel H. and Jason.  I’ll be back… Mario needs to use the computer to get some PayPal orders for our $1 CD out.  Maybe it’s one of yours!!!  He also needs to do some other stuff, so I think I’m going to go after-Christmas shopping now.  Christmas brought me lonely heartache and an overdrawn bank account, but you gotta love them credit cards. 

Marc  3:07pm

Tuesday, December 31, 2002  7:52pm

Hey, I guess it’s taken me more time than I intended to get back to this thing.  I don’t have much time to write cuz it’s New Years, and I’m scheduled to get drunk and stupid fairly soon.  But I just wanted to try to put an end to this unending entry.  Mario always tells me that if I make these things too long, no one will even bother to read them.  I guess he’s right, but my addiction often gets the best of me.  Anyway, let’s make all my long stories short!  Okay, first up… that other Drowning Fish band.  So Mario writes an email, and the guy responds saying his jr. high friends are in a band, and they’re really good.  We’re like, “Jr. high friends…. Ha!”  Cuz we were a little worried that another band with the same name might get big and force us to change our name.  Jr. highers don’t scare me though… well, for the most part anyway.  Anyway, then a couple years later, a girl by the name of Samantha (who I’ll refer to as Sam to protect the identity of the innocent) writes Mario and is like, “There’s this guy named Nick Wheeler that I’ve been talking to online, and he claims he’s in your band!  He’s not mentioned anywhere on your site though, so he’s probably just lying.  What a loser!!!”  Alright, she wasn’t that harsh.  I just thought I’d add the derogatory term for dramatic flare.  Anyway, Mario writes her back telling her it’s another Drowning Fish from Oklahoma… not us, and she feels stupid.  ANYWAY, that was all years ago, and we kind of forgot about “Sam” and her little jr. high dramas.  Then just last week, after getting the new “All-American Rejects” CD for Christmas, Mario decided to check out their website.  He was surprised when he saw that Drowning Fish was mentioned in their message board.  He thought someone was referring to us.  Reading some more, Mario realized that they weren’t referring to us, but instead to AAR (All-American Rejects) when they used to be called Drowning Fish!!!  Mario then remembered that these guys are from Stillwater, Oklahoma, put 2 and 32 together, and hasn’t shut up about it since.  Those little Jr. highers that we brushed off as insufficient threats to our band name… those kids are now signed to DreamWorks.  It’s so crazy cool (contrary to popular belief, I was never much of a TLC fan… but I always did have a thing for Left-eye) that one of my favorite bands used to be called Drowning Fish… but thank God they changed their name!!!!  It would have got pretty ugly if we had to drive down their and force them to.  I wonder if we had anything to do with them changing their name???  It’s crazy to look at their CD cover and think how easily it could have said Drowning Fish on it.  Anyway, that’s the story.  I made it as short as I could.  Anyway, I’m late… gotta get ready!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!  Goodbye 2002.  Dammit… I hate goodbyes. L

Marc  8:16pm

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