Sunday, June 01, 2003  9:57am

Wuzzzzuuuupppp!!!!  I know—it’s been way too long as usual.  You know what I think the problem is… I know I’m going to spend forever writing forever, and I then tell myself I don’t have time cuz I have to do other things.  So I’m going to try to keep this short.  If I keep them short, I think I’ll write a lot more often.  That’s the plan anyway. J 

Anyway, I just got up… yesterday was awesome!!!  I went to the MTV Movie Awards and got passes to go backstage!!!  First though, let me tell you who I saw at the show… lets see, I’m not the best at spotting celebrities and what their names are and all that, but I know Method Man was there, cuz he sat right in front of me.  There were a lot of rappers sitting in front of me, but the only one I knew was Method Man cuz I cheated and saw that little sign on the chair that said, “Method Man.”  The other people looked familiar, but I didn’t know who they were.  Some rapper chick was sitting next to me, but I had no clue who she was.  She was the only one that got up and got her groove on when 50 Cent performed though, (that I saw anyway… there may have been people in the pit though) so look out for her when the show airs… I think she was wearing a red top.  I’m the scared little boy to her right.  Every time they mentioned a friend of hers as a nominee, like Halle Berry or Mya, you couldn’t control this chick… “Yeee, that’s my girl yo!!!!”  I was worried she was going to kick my ass for not supporting her friends too, so I joined her in a chorus of “Yeeee, baby, that’s my girl!!!  Woo Woooo!!!”  Well… not really, but we can pretend can’t we???  One of the rapper guys in front of us had a digital video camera, and he was taping the chick to my left and talking to her, and I was on it cuz I could see his LCD screen.  So I’ll be making a cameo appearance in their next video… or home video anyway!  ;)~  I wanted to bust out a rhyme right there and make new friends, but then I realized I’m good and that may intimidate them. J  Moving on though…

Tara Reid sat right behind me!!!  It was cool cuz she has a pretty distinct voice, so I got to hear her conversations through out the night and all that, and how she reacted to people on stage.  I heard her trying to make plans for after the show, and I wanted to turn around and let her know that I could show her and her friends a good time afterwards, but I somehow felt she wouldn’t be interested. ;)~  Amanda Bynes was 6 rows in front of me.  I wouldn’t mind showing her a good time either… like taking her out for a hamburger and fries afterwards or something.  Sheesh, what did you guys think I was referring to…. she’s 17 dammit, or maybe even 16!  That equals underage… you people are bad. ;)~  By the way, I was in row 13, seat 23.  But I was only the 3rd seat from the isle, and I think I was really in row 7 cuz they only do odd numbers.  Whatever row Amanda Bynes is in, just add 6 to that and there I am!  Hilary Duff was sitting up with Amanda Bynes by the way.  Directly to my left in the section that has kind of lounge tables instead of just chairs was Ashton Kutcher, P. Diddy, and some other people I recognized, but had no clue as to who they were.  Oh yah, George Lucas was there too!  He was with some pink-haired girl… maybe his wife.  Justin Timberlake and Seann William Scott hosted the show, so of course I saw them—but I would have rather seen Britney or Mariah or… I can’t think of anyone else, but those two would have been good enough for me.  Anyway, watch the show when it airs on MTV on Thursday, June 5th.  There’s this guy in the audience that gets up and says something to the presenters… it’s like an acted out skit towards the beginning of the show.  That guy was 2 rows in front of me, so I’m hoping you can see me on camera 2 rows behind him… look out for me!

Now on to the after party…  Jessica Simpson was there with Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees.  Two or so years ago, I would have been all over her, but I’m over it.  She’s really pretty, but I don’t know.  t.A.t.U. was there and I wanted to talk to them, but they were already talking to these other people (who they soon disappeared with).  Their show was crazy though… when they performed.  A couple hundred chicks in school-girl uniforms came out and started jumping around… and by the end of the show, they were only in their underwear and were all making out.  It was so gross! ;)~  t.A.t.U.  themselves didn’t partake in any of this outlandish behavior however.  They’re probably getting tired of doing that cuz I think they’re really straight girls with a bad contract that is obsessed with how to get them attention through controversy.  But back to the afterparty…. free drinks, sushi (which I never had before cuz I think it’s disgusting, although I did try it last night for the first time and surprisingly lived, and am hear to tell you as a victim of the experience that it’s still disgusting!!!!  Raw fish on rice, what’s wrong with these people?!!), expensive cheese, and all this other stuff.  I just had 2 beers which both tasted like crap cuz I don’t really like the stuff, but I wanted to relax a little so I wouldn’t be so intimidated walking up to people.  It was no use though… although I did manage to meet this hot chick who I was hanging out with for a little while… until Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) stole her from me.  Bastard!  Is he really that much better than me???  I mean, my car may have over 200,000 miles, and may make strange noises, and may even take a little more than a small while to gain speed.  But once it’s finally off, it can go fast!!!  I’ve done 60 before… even 80 on occasion!!!  But I guess I haven’t had the luxury of having someone make a movie about me and my 1989 4-door sedan yet.  When someone finally does though, you’ll see.  The women all over the world will go crazy, and she’ll then realize all that she could have had, but threw away for some fast-driving has-been.  Isn’t revenge sweet?! ;)~

I had a ton of our full-length CD’s stuffed in my pockets, and what I wanted to do more than anything was hand them out to people.  But the music at the afterparty was so loud that I would have been yelling and trying to hand people I didn’t know a CD, and they would have just looked at me funny.  Maybe that’s just an excuse though.  That’s the one thing I really regret not doing.  Talking and mingling and all that is fun, but what I would have rather done more than anything was just hand them a damn CD!  Oh well, there’ll be other opportunities I guess.  Anyway, I better put an end to this before I go on forever… but it was a cool experience.  Just looking around and seeing all the biggest people in a totally normal atmosphere, and literally rubbing shoulder with them as you walked by was the coolest thing.  Well, hopefully I have more exciting things to tell you about so I can write more often.  I’m a little over a page and a half in my Microsoft Windows version of this diary, which is what I’m typing it up on now.  Alright, that’s it I guess.  I’ll talk to you later!!!!

Marc  10:34am

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