Sunday, October 26, 2003  5:35pm

Hi there kids, remember me???  I know, Iím like the less than perfect father that takes months off at a time from the family, missing birthdays and school plays as a result.  Iíd ask for your forgiveness, but I think Iíve overstayed my welcome as a beggar.  As somewhat of a defense though, Iíve been posting updates on the news page, which is pretty much like a diary.  Iím really not sure what the difference between the two areÖ besides the fact that you get to listen to me ramble a tad bit more in these here diaries.   

I have some great news!  Our video is already doneÖ about two months ahead of schedule! Justin called me last Wednesday to let me know.  I canít wait to see it.  We have to figure out how to get it on the site.  I guess itís in digital format, and my friend Kasra has a pretty good computer that I can connect the video camera onto and download the thing.  It may be another week or two before itís posted though.  Iím going to be going to Vegas for Halloween, so I wonít get a chance to do anything now.  Hey, does anyone want to go up with me?!!  Everyone else is just too busy for my crazy lifestyle.  Sometimes I just feel soÖ unloved. L  I guess I could drive all alone through the middle of some hot and abandoned nowhereÖ but something about that just sounds so unappealing.  Iím not quite sure what.  Anyway, I think Iím going to be flying out there. 

I went to a Halloween party last night and dressed up as Mr. Furley!  I love Threeís Company.  I still canít believe Jack diedÖ itís so sad. L  His name is really John Ritter, but I always call him Jack for some reason.  Anyway, I raided my dadís closet and found some pretty Furleyesque threads.  I was hoping to find a pink jumpsuit, but settled for these baby-blue pants with matching sweater-vest.  I topped it off with my momís yellow floral-patterned scarf.  Yah, the chicks dug it.  Donít let old R.F. fool ya.  He wasnít as lonely as he may have led on to be.  After all, with that kind of charm and macho appeal, he couldnít help but hypnotize the women!;)~  Speaking of women, I guess Iím off to celebrate the birthday of MaryÖ she just turned 18.  Why does that sound so bad and wrong???  Anyway, sheís just a family friend, and Iím going with my parents.  Iíll be home by 10Ö I promise! 

Marc  6:25pm

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