Tuesday, November 11, 2003  8:08pm

Well, I didn’t end up going to Vegas after all.  I got some really sad news and cancelled my trip… and dropped out of life for about a week.  I guess I’m back now. 

I saw our very first music video for the first time on Sunday.  Justin (director) and Jaspre (executive producer) brought the tape to Kasra’s house (a friend), and we transferred it onto his computer.  It turned out to be 800 something megabytes, which is way too big for the website.  We ended up getting it down to 50 megabytes, and then yesterday while I was at Faris’s house (another friend), got it down to a little over 1 megabyte.  So it’s pretty much ready for the site now.  I think I look dumb in it… but then again, what else is new.  L J  Now all I have to do is figure out how to stream it from the website… so it should be up by Christmas. ;)~

Saturday I went to a “Something Corporate” show at the Palladium in Hollywood.  I got tickets and “meet and greet” passes from a really cool guy named Brent that hooked me up.  A meet and greet is where you meet the band, which I was looking forward to.  What sucked was I was in the wrong place and ended up missing the meet and greet.  Instead of going backstage (which Brent told me to do when he gave me the tickets, but I totally forgot about), I went up to this VIP balcony area.  It looked official cuz security wouldn’t let you through unless you had the passes, so I just brainlessly figured it was there… but I was wrong.  I did end up seeing Kevin (Clutch) there later, but he was talking to someone, and it was way too loud (RX Bandits was playing), so I would have had to yell… which would have been a little awkward.  So I ended up not saying hi.  I actually used to work with him at Edwards Cinemas in Laguna Niguel… and with Josh at In-N-Out.  And now they’re on Drive-Thru.  Do you realize that In-N-Out built California’s very first drive-thru?  Coincidence??? 

Anyway Blink’s CD will be out on the 18th.  I can’t wait to get it.  The entire album is online at MTV.com right now, but I only listened to “Violence” cuz it’s already released on their 7” single.  I’m waiting to listen to the rest of the songs on CD.  I don’t want to ruin it.  The good news is it looks like I’ll be getting the CD a tad bit early… possibly tomorrow!  Brian, another cool guy hooking me up, said he’ll probably get the CD’s tomorrow, and he’ll give me one.  He’s already hooked me up with Blink window clingers, mouse pads, vintage promo CD’s, and so on.  He actually almost got me to talk to Tom from Blink on the phone, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.  Brent actually gave me an MxPx belt buckle just like the one on the cover of their newest album.  That was really cool.  MxPx and Blink 182 are two of my most favorite bands.  If you’re a real fan, you won’t turn your back on a band once they get big.         

Anyway, I better get going.  Two diary entries in a little over two weeks… I’m getting better at this thing I guess.  I’ll talk to you later.

Marc  9:59pm (a few breaks and phone calls later)

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