Friday, September 24, 2010  11:30pm

10 yearsÖ where did it all go?!  Thatís how long ago it was when I wrote the very first band diary entry.  I had no idea, until Mario told meÖ about 15 minutes ago.  At the time, I was watching some YouTube video on James Traficant from his hearing.  That guy is pretty funny.  Someone has to make a movie about him.  If you listen to him for a few minutes, you think heís crazy.  But I think itís his honesty and passion that makes him sound so crazy.  Makes you wonder.

Anyway, I really donít know where the past 10 years have gone.  I think of 2004 as kind of the unofficial death of the band.  We booked and played about 30 high schools the year before, recorded a few more songs that summer, and then suddenly got distracted by dumb things like work.  Mario got into real estate, and I went to go work at T.G.I. Fridays.  Iíve always had such high aspirations. 

Itís always bothered me that we kind of put the band on the back burner, and I always have wanted to get back in it and play lots of shows like we used to.  But itís never the same as when youíre right out of high school or college, and have nothing to worry about except having fun.  As much as I want to just jump back in and play, I canít stop thinking about what I need to doÖ dumb things, like make money, or clean my room.  Iíve never been one to multi-task, so itís hard to focus. 

I wanted to write tonight because this band has really been my life, and I canít let the 10 year anniversary pass without recognizing it.  I havenít been writing music nearly as much as I used to, or playing nearly as much as I used to, but there isnít a day that goes by that I donít kick myself because all I want to do is write and play.  I just need to do it, and Iím going to. 

A lot has changed since my first diary entry.  First of all, I grew upÖ a little anyway.  Reading the older diary entries is a little embarrassing.  I sounded 7.  Other things changed too, like the regular day-to-day stuff.  I just read the first entry I ever wrote before I started writing this one, and in that one, I had to share a computer.  Who shares a computer these days?! ha ha  Iím so used to having my own, itís hard to imagine not having it.  Then again, a lot hasnít changed.  The website was new and exciting back then.  Itís reallyÖ how should I put itÖ retro-looking now.  Iíve told Mario a few times that we should get a newer-looking site up, but he likes the one we have now.  I guess since he worked so hard 10 years ago to create it, itís kind of something he canít let go of so easily.  Weíll get him therapy. 

So now whatÖ where is Drowning Fish?  People write us all the time, asking if weíre still writing, wanting to know if itís over.  I can tell you right now, it will never be over.  Drowning Fish is seriously the only thing I ever want to doÖ besides own a Mexican restaurant/bar, which Iíll make Drowning Fish sell tickets to play at!!  ha ha I donít have motivation to do anything else, except write and play.  I think we just need a manager, to push us, get us from getting distracted.  Thatís all we need.  We never lost motivation to play.  I never lost motivation to write.  Itís just that I have so much more on my mind today than I did 10 years ago.  It sucksÖ I wish I could just win the lottery so I could relax and not have to worry about being responsible.  Like MxPx says, ďResponsibility,  whatís that?  Responsibility, not quite yet.Ē 

Anyway, Iíve definitely gone on too long.  Mario always told me when I wrote these things before that no one wants to read my ramblings.  They want a paragraph or two, not a real diary entry.  But I guess there are some things that never changeÖ even 10 years later.

Itís been a decade, and Iím only on diary entry #19.  But like September 24, 2000 was the beginning of what was to come, so is todayóright nowóSeptember 24, 2010.

Crazy how the years went, but Iím back.

Marc  11:50pm

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