Sunday, October 8, 2000  11:40pm

Hey everyone!!!  Whatís goin on in da hooooood???  Well, for those 6 faithful web patrons who continue to pay royal homages to our website everyday (big words, right), Iíd like to first of all say thanks for making us feel like a real band.  I mean, six whole fans is nothing to be taken too lightly!  Before we know it, weíll probably have over 15 fans, and then 23, and then 27Ö.. and who knows how many after thatÖ. thereíll be no stopping us!!!!!  Weíll be total rockstars!!!!  Well, Iím just amazed you guys found this site cuz we didnít tell anyone itís up yet.  I have no clue what weíre waiting for, but I think Mario wants to pimp it up a little more before he puts the publicists on it with press releases, newsflashes, billboards, embroidered socksóyou know, the standard marketing techniques, but nothing too fancy.  Anyway, sorry I havenít written in a while.  I really wanted to, but I didnít want to totally clutter the diary page with my writing before we even really let people know itís up.  For now, Iíll write probably once a week, and later Iíll try to write once a day.  Anyway, I just finished helping my mom clean up a little, cuz company left not too long ago.  Let me see, what happened since we last talked???  Well, weíve been really busy working on the 15 songs we will be recording sometime in November.  Weíre taking one song at a time and developing them into state of the art musical technologiesÖ for your ears. J  I just canít wait to get these songs recorded!  It seems like a never-ending process of a million different things to do!!!  But itís fun!  So I aint complainín J  Well, I donít know what else to say about the band.  I started writing a song about a week and a half ago, but I havenít really had time to sit down and work on it.  Oh!  Today I went and bought this cool little leather chair from Staples, and I put it together all by myself (well, I guess Mario helped meÖ but I did most of the work!!!!), and Iím sitting on it this very second and writing this little diary thing which is not sounding too interesting and I think Iím going to stop writing now cuz Iím so tired and I think I want to go to sleep and my upper back is sore and I need a massage andÖ. darn it, I want a girlfriend!!!  Itís winter and before you know it, itís going to be Christmas (but not before Halloween, which Iím really in the mood for now!!!) and Christmas time is that time of year when itís all cold outside, and having a girlfriend to sit by a warm fire with would be super cool cuz then you can cuddle and feel all warm and sip hot chocolate with marshmallows!!!  And plus, Iíll have more presents under the Christmas tree!!!!!!  Oh, on Wednesday I watched ďBring It On.Ē  The movie was alright.  And hmmmÖ. You know what, I bet this diary entry sounds really stupid and boring cuz Iím not into it right now cuz Iím tired and want to go to bed, so Iím going to save you the pain of reading it and just end it right now.  Bye!!! 

Marc 12:17am        

PSóOh, hey Wasif, whatís up?! Thanks for signing our guestbook.  In return, Iím sending you an autographed 8 Ĺ X 11 glossy glamour shot of me posing by a delicateóyet not too suppleóYucca tree.  You should get it by Wednesday, cuz thereís no mail tomorrow cuz in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and gave us all a reason to ditch school!!!  Yah, when we get super big and stuff, you can auction it off on eBay, drop out of school, and retire.  Yah I know, itís big of me to reach out to the community like that, but heyóthatís what Iím all about, giving it back to the people.

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