Tuesday, October 31, 2000  5:41pm  (Halloween!!!!)

Hey people!!!  It’s been a while, I know.  I’m sorry L  I guess I’ve been a lil bit “not so on the ball” lately, shall we say.  My beautifully sweet and pretty model friend (she promised me an autographed poster of herself for Christmas to hang over my bed!!!!  I’m thinkin’ she might have certain ardent fondnesses towards me, and may request assistance in the form of several significantly privileged compassions in the not so distant future—don’t you agree?!!! ;)~  Anyway, back to my story.  Don’t get lost!  I’m picking it up from before the parenthesis when I divulged to you my overwhelmingly substantial piece of fact as to why I’m sooooo darn sexy….) told me that it’s almost November and I STILL haven’t written in my diary!  So I promised her I’d do it by today.  So here I am, staying true to my word, on Halloween night, writing in my diary.  This one’s for you babe ;)~ 

So let’s see… we pretty much have only 3 songs (or maybe four, I can’t remember) left to tighten up out of the 15 we’re recording.  We really wanted to get this CD out earlier, but I think it’s going to end up being a kinda stocking stuffer for the kids this Christmas!    Remember that song that I told you that I was working on last time???  I worked on it a lot today, and I’m pretty much done except for the end of it.  I don’t really know how it will end, so I got to kind of figure that out, and then I guess fill in the blanks with wordage (don’t you just love my exquisitely superior high caliber sort of verbal communications I got going in this diary?!!  Yah, I like to think of myself as a sort of abstract 20th century—wait, we’re in the 21st century now… right—sort of profoundly sinuous, not to mention poised, charming, AND attractive, sort of fellow.  Damn I’m good! ;)~  Yah, the song has taken me a long long time to write, and I should have been done a long long time ago, but I haven’t really worked on it as much as I would have liked to.  I’m going to try to write as many songs as I can by the end of the year cuz I haven’t written that many this year.  Anyway, I’d like to now extend a bit of thanks to our newest Drowning Fish fan, Jaime from Texas!!!!  She signed our Guestbook the other day and said some really nice things ‘bout the band… so thanks J  (hey babe, send me a pic.  Maybe we can do lunch sometime—you and me… Taco Tuesday… and maybe a little asparagus on the side!!!  Ya dig???)  

Well, it’s now 8:08 PM cuz I was doing a lot of scaring the kids and handing out candy and picking-up-on-the-cute-older-sisters-walking-the-little- brothers/sisters type of stuff during this diary.  If you’re wondering why I’m at home when I could have been trick-or-treating and then cruising over to the Queen Mary for their haunted house type stuff and dancing the night away afterwards (which I’m not too good at… but it’s fun to try!!!), it’s cuz I wanted to stay home this year and stuff to kinda be with the family and all that for maybe the last time.  My sister’s getting married in June, and then she’s moving out :*(, so I figured I should enjoy what I now have… you know what, that’s pretty much what the song I’m writing right now is about.  Enjoying what you have.  I might call it “The Past Has Passed,” but I’m not sure yet.  I think I want to think of a better title, but something like that anyway.  Anyway, my sister was going to stay home with my mom cuz my dad couldn’t be here cuz he had something to do, and my sister’s boyfriend (well, I guess fiancé now, but that sounds soooo….. fruitcakish, ya know?!) was going to come over and all that, so I thought it would be fun to stay home like the good old days when we all did stuff together, and finally get to do that again!!!  Earlier, we went to Lucky’s and got some hot chocolate with marshmallows, black licorice, red licorice, and cheddar cheese butter popcorn (don’t ask—my sister’s choice).  We wanted to get a pumpkin, but the only ones left looked gross and ugly and moldy, so we left those puppies behind.  We went to Farm To Market and Vons after that, but they were all out of pumpkins.  OH!  There was this hot blond chick standing in the Frozen Foods section, and I was all to my sister, “Damn, damn.  Frozen Foods never looked sooo good!” (I should have said “hot” cuz it’s kinda opposite of what frozen foods section is supposed to be, but whatever) And then my sister tried to embarrass me and she’s all loud, “WHAT MARC?!!  THE FROZEN FOODS SECTION NEVER LOOKED SOOOOOO GOOD?!!!”  I was like to the hottie girl, “Don’t look at me lady.  SHE said it—must be a lesbian.”  No, I didn’t really say that.  Actually, I just ran to isle 12 and hid behind a shelf of Cream of Wheat and Instant Gritts.  Sisters can really be evil sometimes—but ya gotta love em! J  

Anyway, I want to go eat right now and my stomach is hurting cuz I think I ate too much candy and I think I’m going to be sick, but everybody is downstairs watching this scary documentary on the Amityville Horror house, and I am NOT watching that crap!!!  I HATE horror movies and ANYTHING to do with horror movies!  Actually, I like the one’s like Scream (which is actually a thriller… not a horror) and Nightmare On Elm St., but I absolutely HATE the really devilish scary ones that make you scared to death of the dark and keep you up till 3 in the morning!!!  I won’t watch those.  But anyway, I'm up here all alone and it's dark... so let us move on now, shall we...  

.... Ah yes!  A more uplifting subject!  Me, a friend, and my super Mario brother hung out last… Thursday I think it was.  We went to my school, and while we were there, I raced my friend down a scary bunch of old stairs in the old abandoned library.  Yah, we walked around the side and found a door that was accidentally cracked open, so we snuck in and did a little investigatin’ and all that.  And you know what, people were actually murdered in that library back in the 70’s—no joke!  I know I know, we were flirting with the exact ingredients of an old cheesy horror flick, but it was fun!  Oh, and by the way, I won!  So ;)~~~~ in your face!!!  You know what though???  I'm still up here all alone (I hope), and it being Halloween and all... how about we cut this nonsense talk about old haunted scary things, and we move on to something a little less lethal.  Oh I know!  Has anyone seen Bedazzled yet???  That movie is sooooooooo gosh darn funny!!!  The part I loved the most was the Irish part where he has red hair and freckles!  That was soooooo funny!  I mean, the movie isn’t all “Titanic” and all that, you know.  But it’s good.  I liked it!  Anyway, I gotta put an end to this bad boy, so I think I’ll end it here.  It was good talking to y’all (No, I DON’T really say y’all… but I deemed it rather appropriate in complimenting this particular string of patterned vocabularies J)  Okay, I’ll talk to you guys later.  Bye!!!!!! 

Marc  8:46pm 

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