Wednesday, November 29, 2000  9:04pm

Hey y’all…. well sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote.  I really have to kick this habitual sort of procrastinational type youth existence I so repeatedly find myself falling victim to!  And as for the big talk… sorry, but I just got done watching my favorite show ever, “Dawson’s Creek.”  I love that show!  My favorite episode would have to be last year’s Thanksgiving episode where everybody got together for the holidays and all that.  And it closed on a shot of everybody being friends and sitting around a warm campfire, telling stories of cherished memories.  I like Dawson’s Creek a lot, but I don’t think it has the drama it used to have.  But tonight’s was really good and all Christmasy and stuff! 

Well I guess we’re in the Christmas season again!  I love Christmas time!  It’s that time of year when you get together with friends and family, and everything just feels good.  Someone better throw a Christmas party this year!!! 

As for the band… okay, a couple star developments have occurred since we last talked.  For one, we’ve started to record in a studio, but it’s not the actual recording for our CD we’re working on.  This guy, Richard, called us up and said that he bought a whole bunch of studio equipment, and he was wondering if he could record us—for free—to test it out.  And we were like… hmmmm…. let me see….. OF COURSE!!!!  We’ve already been there twice, yesterday being the 2nd time.  Last night we were there till after midnight!  We recorded drums and tried to record guitar and bass, but he kept getting these popping noises in the recording, so he said he has to figure out what’s wrong with his equipment.  We might be going back tomorrow, but I doubt it since he didn’t call today.  But it’s really good practice for the real studio, so we don’t mind. 

I’m going to be sooooooooo nervous when we go to the real studio.  I don’t know what it is about recording, but I get so scared that I’m going to mess up and stuff.  Even when we are just recording on our little 4-track at home!  I don’t know.  And the problem with me is I like to sadistically tease myself, “Okay, you’re almost done.  You know what would really suck… if you just happened to mess up right about….  HERE!”  And then of course, I’ll mess up and think, “UGHH!!!  Dammit Marc!  Why did you have to think that!!!!” 

Oh!  Really quick... did anyone watch Dawson's Creek last week?  I think someone in this band leaked out some vital top secret classified information to someone on that set.  I'm serious!  And since there are only two people (as of now) in this band, me and Mario, I have a feeling I know who is guilty of the crime!  I mean, he hasn't been charged as of yet, but every part of this investigation is pointing towards him, so I'm sure he'll end up being our primary suspect!  But since this investigation is still underway, I am not at liberty to discuss the specifics surrounding this case.  However, let me give you the facts:                                                                          

Exhibit A:                                                                                                                                 At the end of last week’s Dawson’s Creek when they all got together and took that picture, it looked so good!  I liked the picture so much!  It reminded me of something... but what???  

Exhibit B:                                                                                                                             Then I realized what it reminded me of.  It reminded me of the style of what our CD cover was going to look like.  

Exhibit C:                                                                                                                             Mario thought so too.  

Exhibit D:                                                                                                                              Even the way the picture was positioned. 

It was really weird seeing it.  I was like, “Dammit Dawson!!! You stole my idea!”  However, I was naive at the time.  I now realize it was much bigger than that.  This thing is WAY too big for coincidenceway too big.  This may turn to be the biggest investigation of my career, and could easily turn into the biggest cover-up in U.S. history, but I won't let that deter me from finding the truth, and bringing all those involved in this criminal ring to justice!  But anyway, this has been a breaking news story... now back to my originally scheduled story.        

Well I told you that two kind of big things happened, and I only told you about the first… the studio thing.  Well this 2nd one is way way bigger, but I’m not going to get too excited about it till I find out if it’s really true.  Okay, this past Saturday, I was in my room doing nothing really important that I can remember, when my phone rang.  ring ring   So I pick it up, “Hello.”  Anyway, this guy started just talking and asking me all these questions about my band.  And I was like, “yah.”  I thought it was someone playing a joke on us because he was asking questions like, “So, are you good looking kids?”  And I was like, “huh?”  And he’s all, “Well, do girls like you?”  And I was like, “Oh, but of course!”  No, actually I really started to get annoyed because I thought it was someone just messing with me, so I was all, “Who is this?!”  And he’s all, “I’m the drummer for (a big band, but I won’t mention their name, just in case I’m not supposed to for some reason) (10:15PM…. Hold on…. Just got a phone call from my best friend Kasra…. Back in 5)) and I do A&R for Interscope.”  I was like, “Oh… hey,” trying to act all nonshalant, but really in the middle of a heart attack.  So anyway, we talked for 15 minutes and he was really cool and sounded like he was really who he said he was.  Anyway, he told me to send him the songs I already have recorded, and to send him the CD once we get done with it.  I packaged it all nice and sent it early Monday, so he should have got it by now.  I included some really bad sounding 4-track recordings of our newer songs so he could get a better idea of what we sound like, but maybe that wasn’t so good of an idea afterall.  Anyway, I hope this is for real and not someone playing a cruel joke.  I’ll let you know what happens. 

Well kids, I better go.  I’m in my sister’s room, and she went to bed and all the lights are out and I feel like I’m going to go blind staring at this bright screen.  And I feel bad cuz she’s trying to go to sleep and she has to wake up early (she’s a school teacher, so she get’s up at the crack of dawn every morning), and here I am just click click clicking away.  So, I guess I’ll best be on my way now.  Okay, I’ll talk to y’all later!!!! 

Marc  11:03pm                     

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