Saturday, May 19, 2001  1:55pm

Mmmmm Iím eating starburst jellybeans right now!  Theyíre so good!  And Iím listening to that ďFlickerstickĒ song called ďSmile.Ē  I like that song a lot!  Itís probably my 10-15th time listening to it today already!  I got it off of MP3.com.  Flickerstick is one of the bands on that VH-1 show ďBands On The Run.Ē  Itís on Sunday nights at 10PM.  I want to be on that show so bad, and theyíre actually accepting applications for the new season, but what sucks is that one of the rules is you have to have between 4 and 5 people in your band.  Well I guess we can always hire us a clarinet and banjo player, huh! lol  Thatís cool though, cuz when weíre professional rockstars, thatíll show em who to mess with! 

Okay, Iím back.  Itís 2:24pm now.  My dad put new tires on my car and just got home, so I went to go see how they looked and all that.  Iím going to put a new system in it pretty soon cuz all of our speakers are blown!  Well, I still have the front passenger door speaker giving an 1/8th of its all to me, but I think itís pretty much ready for retirement.  And plus, music is a lot more enjoyable when you can hear all of the tracks, and not just the vocal and drum trackÖ and occasionally a wailing guitar.  And I want a CD deck too.  I have a portable CD player that I always use, but itís a hassle.  Anyway, letís talk about music, shall we. 

Well this week was a lot different from last week.  I donít know what it was, but recording got a lot more frustrating.  I think itís cuz we got a lot more critical.  I mean, weíve always wanted this album to sound itís best, but four of the five songs we recorded our first week were first takes.  I was so relieved that we got through a whole song pretty decent (cuz I always get nervous when I record), so Iím like, ďSounds perfect! NEXT!!!Ē  But the recording we just did on Thursday and Friday was like 20 takes each!  Well, maybe not that many, but we listened to the song after each recording, and if the slightest thing sounded different than it was supposed to be, we did the whole song over again.  That got really frustrating!  Especially when weíre trying to stay on schedule, and time is money and all that. 

Anyway, our first week, drums were started around 11am (we got there at 9, but setting up and sound check took a long time), and done by 12:30pm.  But this week, we didnít finish drums till 4 or 4:30!  So that threw everything off schedule.  That was Thursday. 

So right after that, Mario started on guitars.  Then 6pm rolled around and it was time to go home.  So on Friday (yesterday), we went in hoping to catch up.  But guitar actually took basically the whole entire day!  I finally hopped on bass at 5:40 and managed to get one song doneÖ. ďAt Night She Cries.Ē 

The thing is that the songs we recorded our first week were our simplest songs.  We arranged it that way purposely cuz we knew weíd be more relaxed later on.  But the songs we just recorded this week had a lot of different guitars going on at the same time, so it took a lot longer to record.  And then we sat there forever just trying to decide on what sound we wanted different guitars to have and all that stuff.  So it was a lot more complicating than we thought it would be. 

Anyway, I was telling Mario that no matter how far behind schedule we fall or how frustrating things get or how much more extra money we end up spending, 10 years from now itís the experience thatís going to matter to us.  This is our first CD ever!  All these little extra hassles are what make the experience so much more memorable and fun to talk about later on.  Anyway, Iím having a lot of fun recording and stuff.  Everyone at Love Juice is really cool, so itís making everything pretty relaxing and fun.

Weíre going in this coming Wednesday and Friday to record (and hopefully finish) the last 5 songs we have.  We were doing Thursday/Friday sessions, but we realized that itís better to put a day in between recording so we can get some practice in before the next session.  Weíre scheduling two extra days the week after that to finish the songs we didnít get to finish, and then weíll be mixing on June 6th and 7th.  I canít wait for that!

Well I got to go eat now.  Weíre having tacos!  Those and pizza are some of my favorite things to eat!  Well, Iíll talk to you guys next week!  

Marc  2:56pm

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