Friday, July 13, 2001  12:54pm

Hey whatís up!  Itís Friday the 13th today!  Scary stuff huh.  Anyway, I havenít written in a whileÖ. as usual, but Iím sure youíre over all my apologies.  So Iíll just act like nothing is wrong and get going with this thing. 

Well we finally finished our album!  I canít believe itís all done and in our hands.  It took way way longer than we thought it would take, but I guess thatís the way it goes.  We kept coming up with new ideas in the studio, so that alone took a lot of time.  But also, we lost a few weeks cuz we had scheduling problems since the studio was so booked.  Theyíre super busy cuz everyone is recording during summer, so it sucked for us cuz we were only a couple days from finishing, and we had to wait three weeks to come in again for one day.  And if we didnít finish, weíd have to wait another 3 or 4 weeks cuz weíre leaving for a month long vacation on Monday!  So we got really lucky that we finished before we left.  And we started this in May!  But weíre done, so everything is cool.  Anyway, we went in on Monday, July 9, 2001 from 9am to 3:30 in the morning and finished.  We listened to the whole album on the way home, and itís a long drive, but I guess itís an even longer album, so we drove around the block about 20 times so we could finish listening to the entire thing.  It turned out really good, but there was a couple ideas I thought of later that I wish were in there.  And also, some of the levels werenít as high as I wanted them.  Nothing major, just some of the backgrounds and the phone call with Jami.   

I canít remember if I told you about Jami or not, but sheís the girl on our cover.  Anyway, Jami is one of the only people I would have wanted on the cover.  I donít know why, but she represents a huge part of my past.  I knew her in high school cuz we had a keyboarding class together, and we got to be friends and all that.  That was my last semester in high school, so I really held on to that classÖ. especially since it was one of my funnest classes.  The only thing is when I think about it, that class only lasted about 4 months.  But it somehow made its mark. 

Anyway, I got in touch with Jami a couple months ago and asked her if sheíd want to be on the cover, and she was really excited to.  I was so happy cuz I was scared she wouldnít care to be on it and would say no.  Over the past month or so, weíve been talking about planning a shoot, and yesterday it finally finally happened.  It was actually my first time seeing her in 6 years, so it was kind of crazy.  I was pretty nervous.  It was a really cool shoot though.  We took it in Corona Del Mar, at the state beach.  We were there for about an hour or so.  Iím going to get the pictures developed hopefully today, so I canít wait to see how they turned out.  My friend      

3:29pm  Sunday, July 15, 2001

Hey, Iím back.  I forgot what happened, but I probably had to go eat or something and got sidetracked.  Anyway, I got the pictures developed today.  I was really bummed because they turned out really darkÖ. most of them anyway.  But all of them turned out grainy at least.  The best one that came out was the very last one. That one was where me, Jami, and Mario took our group shot.  I guess we have to set up another shoot.  Hopefully she wonít mind.  Poor thing, she was freezing her butt off for us because there was a really strong cool breeze.  And whenever she thought she had a break, sheíd throw her jacket on for two seconds, and then have to take it off for another picture.  Anyway, itís fun thinking back on it all. 

Well, Iím super stressed because weíre leaving on our three week vacation tomorrow, and I havenít even started packing yetÖ. let alone finished shopping for things I need.  I still need to get glasses made, and Lens Crafters closes at 6!  Itís 3:37pm now, but I have to still choose the frames and the lens type, and give them an hour to make it.  And we might be going to Riverside to pick up 25 CDís and our two masters.  And then we have to stop by Farmer Boy Burgers because we promised Mona weíd give her a copy when we finished. 

Mona is a really cool worker that took our order most of the timeÖ. cuz weíd always go there for lunch when we recorded.  And she gave me her number without me even having to ask for it!  I think I could really get used to this rock star thing.  But then again, Iím sure she just thought I was super sexy, attractive, charming, amazing, wonderful, good looking, all of the above, and etc. etc. etc, so she would have given me her number anyway.  lol  ;)~  And then weíre supposed to go to someoneís house tonight, but Iím not sure if we can.  It just depends how much we can get done.  Ugh!  The stress of living my life!  I wouldnít wish this horror on my worst enemy!!!!  Well, alright, itís not that bad.  Itís just a little frustrating.

Anyway, Iíve been going on, and I really have to go.  We donít have enough time to upload our music to MP3.com (where it will be selling, and you would be able to download 10 of the 15 songs) before we leave, so the album wonít be released until AugustÖ. and thatís a promise this time!  Thereís no way itís going to get pushed any further than that.  Well, try not to miss me too much.  Iíll be thinking of you while Iím goneÖ. if youíre single, cute, have long brown hair, deep brown eyes, natural tan skin, a pretty smile, and an 8X10 glossy photo of yourselfÖ color preferred, but not required, S.A.S.E for sticker, sorry no C.O.Dís.  But Iím not picky, so if youíre a cute girl that wants to fall in love with me, please help yourself.  And on that note, Iíll leave you now.  So goodbye, so long, and Iíll see you in three weeks.   

Marc  3:57pm

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