Free CD Offer

Get a free CD featuring a bunch of awesome bands when you buy at least five $1 CDs for you and your friends.  We'll also send you a Drowning Fish sticker.  All the bands and songs on this CD have been hand picked by us, and we like every one of them!  These are the bands that are on the CD:

Lucky 7 - "Took My Heart"
Matchbook Romance - "Promise"
(formerly The Getaway)
Brodie - "Perfect Girl"
Sloppy Meateaters - "Fresh Air"
(now known as Under The Weather)
Larger Than Life - "Some Kind Of Wonderful"
Agent Felix - "Behind Me"
Nothing To Lose - "The Missing Pieces"
Sick Shift - "Despicable"
Red Letter Day - "20"
Unsung Zeros - "Always It Will Be The Same"
The Charismatics - "Bid"
Short Round - "Cleansing, Cut, and Scrape"
All Time Radio - "One Hour Till Midnight"
Dekker - "Nineteen"
Drowning Fish - "16, a Bombshell, and My Friend"

Thanks to all the awesome bands that contributed a song.  We definitely recommend you check out these bands and catch their show when they're playing in your town!


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