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At Night She Cries
A childhood abandoned
A sweet girl has vanished
Where is Motherís child
Well I bet at night she cries
Yes I bet, at night, she cries

And does it make you sad
To think of what you had
Once at the beginning of life
And now at the beginning of the end
Yes youíre now at the beginning
Of the end

Well wasnít it fun
Yes we had a blast
Children together
In friendship and good time
Moments of laughter
Sealed in memory
A piece of you, will always, live inside of me

And remember your friends
Love Mom and Dad
Donít let experience
Rob what you had
Rescue the child
Inside of you

Story about At Night She Cries
At Night She Cries is about the loss of innocence.  Itís about a happy little girl who gets older and loses the person she used to be, in the wrong decisions she makes.  She may seem fine on the outside, but on the inside she is sad and alone, depressed about where her life has taken her.  All the opportunity that once lay before heróvanished. 

The last part of the song is about the joys of childhood.  Itís about holding onto the roots of life, and keeping that alive within us. 

I started At Night She Cries on January 20, 1999, my best friendís birthday, and finished it on March 7, 2000, my momís birthday.  It sounds like I worked a long time on it, but I really only spent two days in January and two days in March writing the song.  When I originally finished writing in January, I wondered if I was done.  But as time went on, I realized there was more to write.  Itís amazing, but including keyboards, backgrounds, etc., the song took about 2 Ĺ years to complete.  That doesnít mean a lot of thought went into the song or we slacked or anything.  It just means that along the way, we thought of new ideas. 

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