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You didnít even call me up
To say you werenít gonna bother showing up
I canít believe you stood me up
Girl how could you have been so mean
Donít you know you were my queen
Youíve always been my precious dream

Day and night and in my dreams too
I canít escape the thought of you
A million wishes all shot to bits
And you donít care at all
No you donít care at all

When I call you never have time to talk
Itís always ďIím busy, call me backĒ
All I wanted was to say hello
The wicked games you played with my heart
Lifted me high, just to throw me down hard
Fed me hope, just to tear it apart

Day and night and in my dreams too
I canít escape the thought of you
A million wishes all shot to bits
And you donít care at all
No you donít care at all

Itís taken years, but Iíve finally got myself back together
Broken free from the shackles youíve imprisoned me in
Bandaged my heart, and now itís healed as new again
Iím happy to say Iím over you

Wherever your life should lead you
I wish you well, and maybe someday weíll meet again
For now so long, bon voyageóno hard feelings towards you

It was a blast, an experience, and part of growing up
But now my bags are packed, and my one way ticketís been bought
And now itís over, and I say to you for the first time

Story about Goodbye
Probably the oldest subject in music, its popularity in life keeps it current.  Here is yet another song that deals with the heartaches of heartbreak.  Itís a song about finally being able close a chapter of life by saying goodbye to itóa very difficult gesture. 

Goodbye took only about three days to write, but two years to complete.  I originally started writing the song on January 6, 1997.  I got through only the first two verses, and then put the song away. 

From time to time, the song would come to mind, but I would never put any effort into finishing it.  Instead, I moved on to writing other songs, such as Cuz Iím in Love, Sheís the One, Can We Hang Out, Best Friends, and other tentatively titled and currently unreleased tracks, as well as current releases, such as Brain Freeze, Hanging On, My Girl, 16, a BombshellÖ and My Friend, and so on.  Before I knew it, a couple years had passed, and I hadnít even noticed.  Finally, in December 1998, I realized that I had ignored Goodbye for too long.  I wanted to sit down and finally finish it, and aimed to have the song completed before the new year.  With motivation as my driving force and a deadline as my goal, I went to work right away.

While working at In-N-Out emptying trashcans in the dining room on December 30th, the song played in my head.  That was the beauty (the only beauty) of working the dining roomóyou were on your own, your own boss, away from the craziness of the behind-the-counter experience, so you had a lot of time to think to yourself.  Anyway, I was emptying trashcans, and thatís when I thought of the line, The wicked games you played with my heart / Lifted me high just to throw me down hard / Fed me hope just to tear it apart.  I was so excited because I thought the lyrics were clever, and very accurate. 

The next day was New Yearís Eve.  My friends were over, and I had the paper with me and was trying to finish Goodbye.  Of course, since concentration is the secret ingredient to songwriting, that wasnít the best time to work on the song.  So midnight came and midnight left, and the song was still incomplete.  I missed my deadline.  But that did not de-motivate me.  I wanted to write the songóI wanted to finally finish what I started.  I wanted to finally give my long experience a sort of anthem.  And finally, at about 4 AM, I found the words for the chorus, and wrote them.  With that, I went to bed, dreamed, woke up, and later that New Yearís Day, found the rest.  The anthem was written; the song was complete. 

Just days before we finally mixed this song down in the studio (thatís the final step of the recording processÖ besides mastering anyway), I asked my friend Jami if she would do a little talking part for Goodbye.  She was cool and said she would.   So I set the speakerphone, microphone, and 4-track recorder up, and called her back about 15 minutes later.  I gave her the three lines, ďHello,Ē ďYah,Ē and ďIím busy, call me back,Ē and Jami, being the talented natural she is, got her part down on the first take.  Well, we did three takes, but we ended up using the first.  Later, while in the studio, I recorded my part: ďJami,Ē and ďHey itís Marc, howís it going?!Ē  At first, in a bold attempt to protect the identities of the innocent, I was going to use different names.  But then, I figured heck!  It was my song, and it was Jamiís voice, so why not get credit for performing in our own starring roles?!  It made sense.  Anyway, the way the lines were pasted together later in the studio sounded perfect.  They sounded so good togetheróthe way they overlapped and everything.  The only problem was that, during mixing, the volume of the lines was not turned up loud enough, and once placed over the music, became a little hard to hear.  But listen closely, and you will hear them.  Iím sure for many people, these lines hit too close to home.  My condolences.      

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