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I'll Miss You
Weíll all change
Weíll all age
What we know
Will turn strange

We think weíll
Stay the same
For always
And ever

And nothing
And no one
Is forever

Iíll love you
Will never
Forget you

As times change
And times fade
And our past
Turns estranged

When lifeís spent
And lonely
Iíll remember

Letís make it the times of our lives
Iíll miss you
Letís make this time worth our while
Iíll miss you
Never forget these times
Iíll miss you
Youíll stay young in my heart
Always in my heart

Story about I'll Miss You
Iíll Miss You is a super powerful song.  I wrote it while I was really depressed over something.  I was really down and wanted to write a song so bad.  Finally at about a half hour past midnight that night, early May 1, 2000, I started writing. 

At first I was going to write the song about the incident and what happened, but then I decided to write it about life in general.  I wrote it about the way I was feeling.  I was worried that things were ruined and would never be the same, and was thinking about how fast life can change. 

It was a really easy song to write.  I had all the verses down in the first half hour.  Since it was a different type of song structure than I was used to writing, I wasnít sure if I was done or not.  I was thinking the song may need one more verse, but it was almost 1 AM and I was super tired, so I decided to go to bed and figure it out the next day. 

The next day came, and I figured out how the rest of the songís structure would go, but didnít have any lyrics for it yet.  That night while getting ready for bed (brushing, flossing, etc.) at almost 1AM, the new part played in my head, and then the lyrics for that part suddenly came to me.  Before I went to bed, I wrote the new lyrics I had just thought of down on paper, and the song was finished.

The meaning of this song is a depressing thought.  Itís basically about the fact that nothing in this life is forever, and the fact that all things come to an endówhether itís a moment or an era.  Some things feel like they are forever, but looking back on life, you know that is never true.  The last part of the song, I guess that would be the chorus, is kind of the light at the end of the tunnel.  Itís saying that the party is not over yet.  Now is our time, so letís make the most of it.  But there is still that grim reminder that is being sung behind the chorus:  Iíll miss you.  What Iím trying to say there is that even though you have a friend that you will know till youíre 80 years old, the people you will become later on in life is not the same people that you were.  Values, emotions, lifestyles, lifeóall those things change in time.  People mature, get married, move away, etc.  Thinking back to when you were 12 or 16 or 22Ö you will miss what that moment had to offer, and the way it made you feel.

ďSo seize this moment, because it wonít lastóand thatís life.Ē
Dawsonís Creek,
a line from last nightís episode.

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