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Lonely Hearts
If I said
I love you
I donít think it would be untrue

Iím so glad
I met you
Youíve made my life feel so brand new

Quiet walks
The long talks
These are the moments I cherish

Lonely hearts
Fueled the spark
And lit the heavens up with it

I look in
To your eyes
And my heart gets thrown off-beat

Sweet angel
My feelings for you overwhelm me

Where were you
Wish I knew
I would have cancelled my lonely trip

Youíre my
Best friend
When Iím with you, I feel safe

Story about Lonely Hearts
At first glance (and maybe even second and third), this song may strike you as a love song.  But itís not!  What it is really about is having a lot of love for someoneÖ a friend.  Every guy out there that has found that Joey Potter (that girl from ďDawsonís CreekĒ) of his life should be able to relate. 

The parts about my heart skipping beats and all that good stuff, I was trying to capture the way I feel about her.  Sometimes I feel like me finding someone like her who really understands me, and us being as close as we are is just too good to be true.  It makes me so happy, my emotions overwhelm me.

The song is titled Lonely Hearts.  That may sound like a strange title for a song like this, but I titled it that cuz:
A)    Itís a cool title, and
B)     It emphasizes the fact that, separated, we have lonely hearts.  And itís that loneliness in our hearts that makes this friendship so cherished, and brings us so close together.  At least for me anyway.

I started writing this song on April 7, 2000, and completed it two days later.  It was a really easy song to write because I basically wrote down whatever lines came to my mind.  Sometimes when writing a song, I get scared to rush and write lines down because I want to make sure that they are the best lines I can think of.  But writing this song made me realize that itís better to just write down whatever comes to mind, and if there ends up being anything that doesnít sound that good, I could always revise it later.  That way, I donít end up frustrated, thinking too hard and giving myself writerís block, when I should really be relaxed and just concentrating on writing. 

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