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My Girl
Here I sit, cold and alone
Is there anyone
Rain falls from heaven
And the world becomes a big blur
The silence hurts
As my cries go unheard
Where is she

Songs I’ve written times before
Mere wishful fantasies
A reality deprived from me
I’m so tired of these empty dreams
Frustration and despair
Momentary anger, subtle flares
Just when exhausted was all hope
It happened

Someone to hold onto
Someone whose eyes sparkle
Someone whose heart calls my name
Laughing and playing
Hand in hand swaying
Kids at heart we’ll remain

So full of happiness
You’re my little princess
So bubbly
You’re the cutest thing
I care so much about you
You know that I love you
My best friend
My fantasy

We anticipate
But we still wait
Cuz that’s what true love means 

You’re the sunshine in my sky
The moonlight that glows bright
The summer that warms up my year

Ever since the day that you came into my life
Since my eyes discovered your breath-taking sight
My heart, my soul have been so full of emotion
This feeling I feel, never have I felt
I look into your eyes, get so lost in myself
I could sleep for an eternity
And no dream would compare to you

And when I hold you under the deep blue night
I send a prayer to God you’ll never leave my life
My love for you
Words could never care enough to explain
How’d we find each other in a world so big
I guess love has its ways
And we were meant to be together

Story about My Girl
Every song I write has to have a lot of meaning for me.  All my songs are either written about true stories of actual events, or about things that I’m feeling inside… and sometimes a little of both.  My Girl is about the girl that I’ve always wanted.  She’s super cute, super playful, and all mine.  In reality, thanks to my outstanding track record of consecutive shyness around girls I like, I’m always finding myself wishing instead of having.  So in this song, I am finally able to have. 

The first part of My Girl is the depressing reality of my world, and the second part is all about my hopeful fantasy that I long for.  Of course though, this song was written way back in ’98, so I have grown up a little bit since then… but just a little bit.  My Girl took a long long looooonnnngggg time to write.  I started in January of ’98, and didn’t finish until September!  During that time, I took this song everywhere with me so I could work on it—from the movies where I worked, to Cal State Fullerton where I went to school, to church on Sundays.  I would just fold up the sheet I was writing the lyrics down on, put it in my pocket, and pulled it out whenever I had a chance to work on it.      

When preparing for the studio, I practiced by playing along to MxPx’s Life In General.  It was a great workout, almost torture at times, but it helped me build endurance for playing fast.  With all that practice however, recording this song still sucked.  At the time, I wished I never wrote it!  And as if the speed of the song wasn’t challenging enough, I had to go and put all these crazy tempo changes in it.  Those really kicked my butt!  But now it’s all over, and I’m relieved.  Fast songs and me don’t get along too well… but Lord knows I try! 

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