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Prom Night
Prom night
I couldn't find someone to go with
Broken-hearted I went by myself
Then I saw her
Standing alone across the room
Shining brighter than a full moon
Yah she was so beautiful

Walked over and asked her if she wanted to dance
She smiled so lovely, and then said yes
Dancing and laughing, having so much fun
Dancing and laughing and falling in love

I couldn't believe it
You were just what I always dreamed of
How could this happen, to a guy like me
And then they turned the lights down low
And the music played real slow
The touch of you took my breath away

Holding you tightly, in a warm caress
I've never been so close to heaven
As precious as a swan gliding through a pond
That night we both had fallen in love

Story about Prom Night
This is the one song we have that was somehow destined to become a classic.  Even though it's not intentional, it always ends up being the song that reaches all of the band's milestones.  It's the song we opened our first show with, the first song we ever recorded, the first song we ever uploaded, the first song on our very first album, and the one song that everyone just seems to fall in love with for some reason.  I can't remember exactly what motivated me to write Prom Night, but I suspect it had something to do with the fact that all the girls I really wanted to take to Prom turned me down.  However, what I do know for sure is, when writing Prom Night, I wanted to make a song with meaningful lyrics, and a lot of emotion. 

I started writing Prom Night while in Speech class on October 14, 1996, where I wrote the first two verses of the song.  Then on October 17, 1996, while in the school library, I wrote the chorus and the next two verses.  And finally, January 11, 1997, while at home on my trusty bonus room couch where most songs are written, I wrote the final chorus, and was finally finished with the song.  This was actually a really easy song to write, taking no more than an hour and a half to finish.  In the studio, we pretty much recorded the song on our first take.  Listen, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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