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Requiem For An Undying Love
On love
Iím so tired
Iíve had enough
I always thought
That it would get better
And numb
I have bled
Too long to feel
Iíve died for this dream
I canít stop living
I wanted to be your crush
I wanted to be someone
I wanted to win your heart
Framed you in memory
And hung you throughout countless dreams
Till the nightmare woke me up
With news that, itís over
The seas, so mad
Angered beast
Rages to drown my soul
I fight to steer
My troubled ship to safety
The wind, it weeps
Oh how it moans
With deadly blows
The thief
Jealous with envy
Competes for the killing
I thought I could to be your crush
I thought I could be someone
I thought I could win your heart
Nothing to take with me
Not even the memory
Just the thought of what was gone
And the crushed hope in what never was
I saw you there
Windblown dress, calling out
I reached
As air
Stole your shape
Illusions kill
What is real, what is sane
Feeding hope
To the dying
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