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There For You
Hardened hearts
Slabs of stone
Cracked and cold
How could love never fill this
Never fill this home
Donít hold it inside
Tell yourself your fine
Itís okay to cry

And all I want is to be there for you
Deliver you from all youíve been through
Change your darkness to a starlit night
Dry your tears
Iíll always be by your side

Wounded hearts
Hope crumbled
You walk this world alone
A stranger revealed in the person
Your whole life youíd known
You feel angry
Empty and grief
Turn, and youíll see me

Cuz all I want is to be there for you
Deliver you from all youíve been through
Drown your sorrows, and rescue your life
Heal your tears
Forever stand by your side

Story about There For You
There For You
is one of our more serious songs, and definitely one of our heaviest.  Itís about the pain of growing up in a loveless home full of anger and neglect.  Though I grew up in a very loving household with strong family values, seeing what someone I knew was going through made me feel that sort of void one feels when the ones they love neglect them.  I wanted the lyrics to be strong and meaningful, so thatís what I aimed for when writing them.

There For You did not take too long to complete.  I began writing on June 3, 2000, and finished June 7th, just a few days later.  When writing a song, I almost always work on the lyrics according to the order they appear in the songólike verse 1, verse 2, chorus, verse 3, etc.  But this time, I had the chorus written before I even had any of the verses down.  As long as you have the tune down and know what you want to say during a certain part, I guess it doesnít matter what order you write a song inÖ as long as it all comes together in the end. 

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