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Wish This Were A Love Song
You fill
My heart
With love

I want
You want
Me not

It hurts so bad
To know that you’re in love
To think of
Her every day and night
And know that
She’ll never feel the same about you

I try
Not to
Want you

My heart
Blinds my
Mind’s view

And maybe
If I was more tall
And darker
And a little more handsome
You’d want me
And this would be a love song instead

Story about Wish This Were A Love Song
Wish This Were A Love Song takes the frustrations of being in love with someone who will never love you back, and puts them into a light-hearted melody that deals with the ache of a helpless heart, and the achievable impossibility in “If only.”  According to girls, a lot of them anyway, perfection lies in the simple phrase, “tall, dark, and handsome.”  So my theory is that if only one could posses that single trait, dreams—shallow though they may be—will come true. 

Wish This Were A Love Song, written in August 2000, was a fun and easy song to work on because there is a carefree sort of style to it.  It deals with something we all go through (some of us more than others), and for that reason, I think this is a song that will hit close to home for every listener—whether you fit the strict physical framework of tall, dark, and handsome (“babycakeliscious” for girls) or not.  So enjoy.

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