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Practice 400x300.jpg (13526 bytes)
Practicing at home
Practice2_400x300.jpg (10762 bytes) Practice3 400x300.jpg (13679 bytes) Practice4 400x300.jpg (8945 bytes)
Marc_Playing_Guitar_June_12_2001_500x370.jpg (38137 bytes)
Marc working on a 
new song
Practice_2_500x330.jpg (28467 bytes)
Song Order 1 July 11, 2001 500x375.jpg (31644 bytes)
Arranging song order for CD
Song Order 2 July 11, 2001 500x375.jpg (20570 bytes)
Set List 500x375.jpg (18227 bytes)
Writing set list 5 minutes
before show time
Tuning 400x300.jpg (17375 bytes)
Mario tuning up 
before a show
Marc_Outside_Studio_400x269.jpg (19192 bytes)
Marc warming up before
recording bass for Prom Night
and Take Me Away - Oct '99
Mario_400x280.jpg (29969 bytes)
Marky_Ramone_in_Pub2_400x286.jpg (19051 bytes)
Hanging out with 
Marky Ramone
Marky_Ramone_Handshack_400x268.jpg (19824 bytes)
The official punk rock 
Marky_Ramone_400x247.jpg (16874 bytes) Fabrice 400x276.jpg (25886 bytes)
Hanging out with Fabrice 
Morvan...the guy from 
Milli Vanilli
Marc_Practicing_400x268.jpg (24261 bytes) Fixing Hair 400x300.jpg (15281 bytes) Drawing_the_Fish_395x266.jpg (14026 bytes)
Designing Logo
Marc's First Love 500x684.jpg (45607 bytes)
Mario_Practicing_May_2001_500x375.jpg (31858 bytes)

Marc and Rachel 400x269.jpg (25457 bytes)
Marc and Rachel Bilson...
Summer Roberts from
FOX's "The OC"

Cal State Fullerton Radio


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